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New York Demands Faster Work Permits for Asylum Seekers to Suppress Immigration



Eric Adamus, Mayor of New York/AFP.

Eric Adamus, Mayor of New York/AFP.

Overwhelmed by an avalanche of immigrants, New York officials are urging the federal government to expedite the issuance of work permits for asylum seekers and increase assistance to address issues shared by all cities in the country. I am requesting that

With 40% of hotels with 51 to 200 rooms occupied by asylum seekers, New York City Mayor and Democrat Eric Adams has called for a “depressurization” of the reception infrastructure despite opposition from the host community. started sending immigrants to other parts of New York State for the purpose of . For this reason, they are considering limiting the length of stay to four months.

It is also considering using public school gymnasiums and hangars at JFK International Airport to receive new arrivals.

More than 5,800 migrants arrived in the East Coast city last week alone, and another 4,200 arrived the week before, Adams said, adding that “the city is paying the price for its national troubles.” .

Currently, the city’s finances are obliged by law to provide a roof to those who want it, but of the 70,000 people who arrived last year, 42,000 were provided with accommodation, meals, medical care, and education for one year. ing. Most arrived by charter bus from Republican-controlled states, particularly Texas (Southern).

over $4 billion

As Adams declared on MSNBC Sunday, the avalanche of migrants, mostly from Latin America, especially Venezuela, will cost the city “more than $1 billion” and plans to spend “more than $4,000″ next year. 10,000”.

The city received $30 million out of the $350 donated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the immigration crisis.

Adams said solutions would include distributing “border-coordinated” immigration across the country and accelerating federal work permits, barring changes to immigration laws that would hinder Republicans. Government responses currently take an average of 180 days.

“If we allow them to work, the pressure and responsibility on the city will be alleviated,” Adams said. But most immigrants take temporary, low-paying jobs to send money to their families left behind.

work that can afford

“Even if it’s a job for immigrants, it’s a great opportunity to have a job,” asserts Stefani Centeno, a 23-year-old Venezuelan who recently moved to New York.

“Washing the dishes, peeling potatoes, cleaning toilets, there are plenty of jobs here, just want to work,” he told AFP at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. in the city.

There are 5,000 vacancies in the state’s agriculture sector alone, with just as many vacancies in the food sector, according to Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, who joined Adams on Monday in urging the federal government to expedite the work permit process. It is said that there are more than 4,000 people. cleaners and housekeepers.

The governor, who is descended from Irish immigrants, said: “They want and want to work. They came here for jobs and a new future. They can be part of our community.” rice field.

Adams, a former police officer who began calling himself “the Joe Biden of Brooklyn” after his friendship with the Democratic president, now criticizes the president’s immigration policies as he seeks to run for the 2024 election. spare the .

After the so-called “Title 42” expired on May 11, a mechanism was adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic that allowed for the immediate deportation of immigrants without visas or documents, illegally interstate The number of people attempting to cross the border has decreased. The state and Mexico collapsed. U.S. officials said this was due to the entry into force of “Title 8,” which includes restrictions on the right to asylum.

Candidates must now apply for asylum through CBP One, a mobile application that centralizes applications for immigration reservations in the United States. Officials say it could help ease the crisis the Big Apple, a city favored by immigrants, is experiencing.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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