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Pedro Castillo again calls for freedom, denies treason against Peru: ‘I have not committed a crime’



The Peruvian Supreme Court will evaluate a request filed by former President Pedro Castillo to archive the ongoing preparatory investigation into the failed coup attempt led on December 7, 2022.

Former President of Peru Peter Castillo He asked to be released from prison again this Tuesday. 32 months preventive detention He is serving time in prison for attempting to carry out a coup in December last year.

During his appeal, Castillo further argued that: Not guilty of treason or conspiracy The public prosecutor’s office ruled him guilty.

Mr. Castillo has previously filed such a request with the court, but it was unsuccessful. effectively intervening in the Supreme Court’s Preliminary Investigative Court, who is the presiding judge Juan Carlos Checkley.

The judge held a hearing to hear Castillo’s defense having requested an inadmissibility exception to the action; In it he asks not to be investigated for mutiny.

After exposing his defence, Castillo spoke out to make sure he was defensive. “The Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Civil Service believe they cannot support the criminal allegations.” they believe so

“Judge, please make the right decision on my defense’s arguments. Without any passion or prejudice against me.” he pointed out.

He added that Checkley’s decision should be: “In honor of justice, without any media pressure, without assumptions and signing correctly.”

“I have not committed treason or conspiracy. I ask you to make a resolute decision to win the freedom that has been unjustly taken away from you.”

Castillo’s allegations and defense were reproduced by the public prosecutor’s office. who asked the judge to deny the claim, and Confirm the validity of the pre-trial detention issued against the former president.

Pedro Castillo must wait for judge’s verdict

After hearing reports from the litigants and Castillo, the judge reported: Issue and notify resolutions within the time limits established by Peruvian law.

The former president meets at Barbadillo Prison in Lima. Former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) is also incarcerated. 36 months of pretrial detention in an attempted coup attempt in December.

In addition to the above, there is an additional 18 months of preventive detention for alleged corruption within the government.

In his December 7 message to the nation, he said: Castillo announced the creation of an Emergency Enforcement Department to govern by statute. In addition to convening the Constituent Assembly, there was a restructuring of the judicial system and the closure of parliament.

In recent months, Mr. Castillo has repeatedly questioned law enforcement officials. Appeals, protection, and other resources.

All of the above calls for preventive detention and nullification of the proceedings against him.

This alludes to alleged violations of the right of political impeachment charged by Congress, He struggled with this problem during his run.

Source: Biobiochile

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