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They ensure that Pohlman and his children transferred Senkosd’s administration and domicile to England.



Senkosd now says it will “comply with the laws of England and Wales” through its new company. This act (1,463 million papers in total) was associated with the aforementioned company.

family Poleman would have carried out the restructuring under the control of Senkosd: Essentially, on paper, the company behind the holding company will move from Chile to the UK and appear to be based in that country.

According to information released by La Tercera, the company will continue to be under the following control: Horst Pohlmann and older children: Heike, Peter, Manfred under the British company PK One Limited.

Stocks (1,463 million papers total) were linked to the company.

The aforementioned media reported that, in order to specify the above, the Pohlman family held a series of dialogues with Chilean creditors (mainly banks) to provide the names and addresses of the companies (Inverges Quinchamali S.A., Tano S.A., Latadia S.A.). He added that he explained the change in , all now grouped under PK One Limited).

The reaction of the creditors should have been favorable, after which a new contract between the parties was signed before a notary public.

bio bio chili We have reached out to Senkosd to corroborate this information that was released today, but they said they would not make a statement on the matter.

In parallel, Agencia EFE also collected this news and said all of the above: Through PK One Limited, Cencosud is now “subject to the laws of England and Wales”.

He also mentioned key facts filed with the Financial Markets Committee (CMF) on May 8 that support this information.

“I came here to report Change of principal or agent Cencosud SA and Cencosud Shopping SA will be exercised through this administration, with virtually no change in the management of Cencosud SA and Cencosud Shopping SA,” Manfred Pohlmann wrote to the regulator.

In Q1 2023, the company posted revenue of US$4,352 million, up 17.9% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, net profit reached US$192 million.

The company achieved a 9.1% year-on-year penetration rate on the back of “more normalized growth in physical store sales,” highlighting the sustained growth and penetration of e-commerce.

Cencosud also noted that in the first quarter of this year, sales through the market increased by 8.7% year-on-year.

Uruguay Technology Center

Last December, the company announced it had opened operations in Uruguay. From there, it will provide services related to developing digital products and businesses such as e-commerce, marketplaces, retail media and advanced analytics.

The company has obtained approval to start operations in the following areas Aguada Park Free Zone Thus began the installation period in Montevideo and ended in March of this year.

Why Uruguay instead of Chile as your digital headquarters? : Senkosd emphasized that the country is implementing policies to become a hub for technological development in the region. “This is complemented by social and economic stability, a dynamic innovation ecosystem, a modern technological infrastructure, a qualified multilingual workforce and a high quality of life.”

Source: Biobiochile

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