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Horrible Crime in Argentina: Killed Partner, Set House on Fire, Killed Himself by Shooting Head



The victim, as reported by the Argentinian press, is now known to be 24 years old and working at a fish farm. De Aravena did not transcend her age. Yes, he was an employee of the municipality of Piedradel his Aguila. He was a Boca fan and played football in his local league.

A horrific crime happened in Argentina this week. especially at home in the town of Piedra del Aguila, Where a man committed suicide after murdering his partner’s woman.

The incident took place last Saturday when a raging fire broke out in a home that was extinguished by the fire department and left with charred remains. Carolina Epplin and Victor Aravena.

As detailed in Clarion That night, the couple’s 8-year-old son was staying at his grandmother’s house.

Images of the scene alerted investigators, even though initial reaction was that it was an accident. The woman was in bed with a knife stuck in her chest.

As the Argentinian press later pointed out, this led to the main hypothesis of the incident. Murder and then suicide.

Details of crimes in Piedra del Aguila, Argentina

Autopsy results revealed Monday were key to reinforcing this theory.

she received 19 stab wounds And one of them would have hit the heart, causing instant death.

According to the media, the woman’s death occurred before the fire and was likely intentional by her partner. He then shot himself in the head.

“After assaulting Carolina and setting her bed on fire, Aravena shot herself.” Chos Maral chief prosecutor Fernando Fuentes said.

That night, firefighters went out to extinguish a house in the center of the city in Neuquén province. First, the front door was locked from the inside and had to be demolished.

There the first indications were established. No other people participate.

After the fire was extinguished, the wounded woman was found on a bed with her partner lying on the floor with a 32-caliber gun beside her.

Experts determined that the igneous source was intentionally generated from the bed and that the bodies found were charred.

Official reports established that both deaths occurred before the victims were hit by the fire. others, It is presumed that it started in the same room and then spread to other parts of the house.

Source: Biobiochile

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