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Ipsos: Half of Chileans face economic hardship, 73% expect price increases



Conversely, only 6% think they are doing well and 11% think they are doing well. When it comes to inflation, 47% believe it will take more than a year to normalize.

“World Inflation Monitor” Company report title Ipsos which shows the following More than half of Chileans say they are facing financial difficulties This contrasts with 17% who consider themselves to be living well or comfortably.

As reported by Pulse Looking at the details, 6% of Chileans feel comfortable living, 11% feel they are doing well, 27% feel they have enough, and 32% feel somewhat find it difficult and 19% find it very difficult. .

As for the results, Jean-Christophe Salles, CEO of Ipsos Latin America commented, “It’s the worst result in the world after Argentina.” High inflation has undoubtedly affected the country, with more than half of Chileans (58%) believing that inflation will take longer than 12 months or will never return to normal. “

about inflation At a global level, 46% believe it will take more than a year to return to normalcy in their country, and 19% believe it will never return.

At the national level, the percentage of people who believe inflation will take more than 12 months to normalize is about the same as the global average (47%). Additionally, 43% believe it will take more than 12 months for inflation to normalize. 63% believe inflation will rise in 2024.

This indicates more optimism in Chile compared to the United States, France and Canada.

Recession fears, rising prices and utility bills

In addition to inflation expectations, the survey includes: Spending forecast for half a year later .

According to Parso, 73% of Chileans believe food and fuel prices will rise, as do public services (72%) and rent and mortgage prices (58%).

Finally, regarding the reason for the price increase, the majority of domestic surveys I blame the global economy (73%) The same percentage based on interest rates and 67% for policies adopted by the government.

Source: Biobiochile

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