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Global financial turmoil prompts central bank to impose additional capital requirements on banks



The countercyclical capital requirement is agreed at a level of 0.5% of risk-weighted assets and is payable within one year.

he is in the middle Central Bank (BC) is considered as “Deterioration of financial situation since the end of last year the issuer’s board decided to invoke a 0.5% countercyclical capital requirement (RCC) at its monetary policy meeting.

The decision, adopted unanimously, was “a requirement of a macroprudential nature and whose purpose is to: Make the banking system more resilient Contribute to financial stability by addressing disruptive events that could have a significant impact on the economy. “

This will Capital ‘cushion’ available against stress scenarios This is expected to mitigate the negative impact of sudden restrictions on essential services such as credit supply.

“RCCs have a precautionary logic: they are triggered when financial and banking conditions permit, creating greater power in the banking system. That is why RCCs are seen as macroprudential measures. ‘, they expressed from BC. .

Tensions in the international banking industry motivated the governing body’s decision

Based on the decision these are based on both International and domestic market factors But it highlights the global banking scenario.

Externally, the deterioration of the financial situation after the end of 2022 is conspicuous, and uncertainty is increasing about the transition. ” Banking tension episode early in the year reveals regulatory weaknesses Oversight and Risk Management in Affected Organizations”.

In addition, the company cited slowing demand as well as increasing restrictions on credit supply in the Eurozone and the US.

On the local side, “the banking system stress test shown in the Financial Stability Report they explain the solvency of the bank . It has a sufficient level of preparedness and sufficient capital to face severe stress scenarios. Despite the above, the system is in the process of converging to Basel III. “

Thanks to these and other factors, “Increased risk of severe external shocks “Because of the low probability of a very negative impact, the Central Banking Council has decided to trigger the RCC to be paid out within one year at a level of 0.5% of risk-weighted assets. .

Source: Biobiochile

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