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Wagner Group chief admits failure of Russian military operation in Ukraine



“The special military operation was launched with the aim of ‘de-Nazi’, but we turned Ukraine into a world-known state,” the militia head admitted.

he Evgeny Prigogine, head of the Wagner Group Mercenary Company, admitted the failure of Russian military operations in Ukraine When he confirmed in an interview published on the Telegram channel that none of its objectives had been met.

“The special military operation was launched with the aim of ‘de-Nazi’, but we have turned Ukraine into a nation known to the whole world. They (Ukrainians) are like the Greeks and Romans in their prime,” he said. A Wagne leader said:

Another mission put forward by Russian President Vladimir Putin to demilitarize Ukraine is also a failure for Prigozhin.

“If before the special operations they (Ukrainians) had, say, 500 tanks, now they have 5,000. We have an army of 400,000. So demilitarize? Now it turns out that we are militarizing Ukraine and in what ways, ”he summed up.

He also asserted that the Wagner Group “is the best military in the world,” adding, “Actually, I should say the second is Russia’s military.”

“But I think the Ukrainians have one of the most powerful armed forces,” Prigozhin said, explaining that the Ukrainian military is good at handling any weapon system, Soviet or NATO.

others, He compared the motivation of Ukrainian soldiers to that of the Soviet Union during the war against Nazi Germany.

“They wanted to do what we did during the Great Patriotic War (the period from the beginning of the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 until the surrender of Germany, which the Soviets called World War II), to achieve their ultimate goal. do everything” ),” he insisted.

Prigogine He also attacked children from the country’s elite for the extravagant lifestyles they display on social networks. When “the common people will be returned children in torn zinc coffins.”

“And we should not think that there are now hundreds of relatives of the dead. And there will certainly be hundreds of thousands,” he added.

He warned that this double standard “could end in a 1917-like revolution.”

Source: Biobiochile

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