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In Moscow, Dodik criticized the “American vassal” of the EU and the “colony” of Bosnia and Herzegovina



Brussels: Close ties with Russia incompatible with European integration

The President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik continues his visit to Moscow, where he attended a security forum and warned that BiH has become a colony where history and international law are not respected. He again defended the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

It’s a touch on security forum, on in which representatives of 80 mainly Asian countries participated, noted that the Serbian people were “the first victims of Western hegemony”.

He condemned the expansion of the NATO alliance towards the East and again defended Moscow and justified its invasion of Ukraine. “A new challenge today is the awakening of the ideology of Nazism and fascism, especially in Ukraine, which are adopted as weapons in the fight against Russia,” he added.

He is convinced that the European security architecture will never work autonomously, because within the framework of NATO on He sees Europe only as a transatlantic stronghold of the USA. According to him, the European Union has become a vassal of the United States, reports the Serbian news agency Tanjug.

The President of Republika Srpska also met with the Russian Foreign Minister on the sidelines of the forum Sergey Lavrovand already on Tuesday he met with the president Vladimir Putin.

Putin thanked Dodik for Banja Luka’s neutral stance on the war in Ukraine. “We are grateful to you for yours neutral position on the events in Ukraine. Only such a point of view can lead to a positive decision. In any case, we are grateful for your patience,” he said. Dodik advocated economic cooperation with Russia.

Brussels: Close ties with Russia incompatible with European integration

Today, the European Commission responded to Dodik’s visit to Moscow, which reiterated that maintaining close ties with Russia is incompatible with European integration. At the same time, she emphasized that she wants all candidates for membership in the Union to be reliable partners who value common principles, values, security and prosperity, reports the portal N1 Serbia.

Let’s not forget that it is Putin who is ordering and overseeing the massive violations of the UN Charter and human rights in Ukraine, and Russia is committing atrocities by indiscriminately destroying critical civilian infrastructure, looting Ukrainian property and abducting children.” they added in the commission.

Source: Rtvslo

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