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Video | Scandal in Bolivian parliament: MPs punch and kick to close



Pro-government lawmakers attacked opposition lawmakers and took away banners with messages for government minister Eduardo del Castillo. Recall that the president is currently under questioning over the case of the opposition leader from Santa Cruz, who has been imprisoned in La Paz since December 28, 2022.

Lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties clashed with kicks, punches and hair-pulling during a public session of the Bolivian parliament on Tuesday.

As detailed local media, It all happened during the filing of the left-wing president’s cabinet report Luis Arce.

It was an effort to circumvent the Home Secretary’s censorship. Edward Del Castillo The person who appeared for the interrogation of the president.

Due to the arrest of Governor Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho The crisis of 2019 has taken away my freedom since the end of last year.

The parliamentary majority party, the ruling Movement for Socialism (MAS), overcame internal disagreements to approve the agenda with 88 of 151 votes. “Pure and Simple”.

As reported, the results prevented the authorities from proceeding with censorship considerations. Infofly.

Del Castillo appeared before Congress and answered 11 questionnaires prepared by the legislative opposition to explain the legal basis for detention in Camacho. December 28th of last year.

the interrogation became more tense A group of opposition lawmakers with various signs tried to approach the minister.

Nevertheless, they were harassed by female MAS colleagues and tore off the sign. Attacks on each other began with fights, hair pulling, punches and kicks.

Source: Biobiochile

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