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Russian Prime Minister in China: “Relations between the two countries are at a historically high level”



The Prime Minister signed several agreements

During a visit to Beijing, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that “sensational pressure from the West” had raised relations between the two countries to a historically high level. Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed firm support for Moscow in its “core interests”.

Sew Jinping it is on meeting with Mishustin said that China and Russia will continue to offer each other “firm support on issues that concern the core interests of both countries and strengthen cooperation on multilateral fields“, reported the official Chinese press agency Šinhua.

China and Russia should, according to their words Sewing on raise cooperation to a higher level on various fields, among others on economic, trade and investment.

Mishustin he also met with the Prime Minister in Beijing, where he was given a ceremonial welcome Li Chiang. He said at the meeting that “sensational pressure from the West” had raised relations between Russia and China on a never before detected high level. Both countries have also recently reacted harshly on declaration of the G7 summit in Hiroshima, on in which the participants clearly supported Ukraine and called for a reduction of economic dependence on China.

Li Chiang hailed “partnership in a new era”

At the same time, the two prime ministers signed several agreements for cooperation on in the areas of trade, patents, agricultural exports and sports, reports Al Jazira.

The Chinese Prime Minister agreed that “relations between Russia and China on extremely high levels“. They are characterized by “mutual respect for each other’s interests, the desire for a joint response on challenges related to growing turmoil in the international space and the pressures of illegitimate Western sanctions“, he said Li and greeted “comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia in the new era“, reports the French news agency AFP.

China will import even more Russian energy products and millet

Mishustin already on Tuesday he attended the Russian-Chinese business forum in Shanghai, where he advocated strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries. He also said that Russia is ready to increase the export of its agricultural products on China. At the meeting, they signed an agreement to increase the export of millet.

Russian Prime Minister on China is also monitored by his deputy responsible for energy policy, Alexander Novak. Last year, China became the largest importer of Russian energy products, and Novak said in Shanghai that exports will increase this year by 40 percent compared to last year.

The Russian Prime Minister received a warm welcome.  Photo: Reuters

Trade last year amounted to 190 billion dollars

China is Russia’s largest trading partner, with trade between the two reaching a record $190 billion last year, according to Chinese customs. This year, according to Li, bilateral trade has already reached 70 billion dollars, which means another 40% increase, and the volume of investments between the two countries is also increasing.

Russia and China have strengthened economic cooperation and diplomatic contacts in recent years, and their strategic partnership was further strengthened after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is the visit of the highest Russian representative in Beijing since February last year. China claims to be neutral on the issue of the war in Ukraine, and has also presented a ten-point peace plan.

Source: Rtvslo

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