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Greece will be led by a technical government until the June elections



New Democracy is expected to win an absolute majority in the June elections

After early elections and failed coalition talks, Greek President Katerina Sakelaropoulou appointed Ioanis Sarmas, president of the Court of Auditors, to the position of acting prime minister, who will lead Greece until the June re-elections.

In the elections last Sunday, the ruling New Democracy of the previous prime minister won the most votes Kyriakos Mitotakisbut with 40 percent of voter support, the party did not win an absolute majority in the 300-member parliament.

President Sakelaropulu gave Mitotakis a mandate to form a government coalition, but he refused it and called for new elections, in which he believes the party will win an absolute majority.

The new ones elections were also supported by the second- and third-placed parties Syriza and Beltwho also believe in improving the electoral outcome.

Today, the president invited the leaders of all parties that exceeded the 3% parliamentary threshold to symbolic negotiations on the next steps. As expected, the talks did not produce a government coalition, that’s why Sakelaropulu in accordance with the Greek constitution appointed an acting prime minister until the next elections.

Ioannis Sarmas is the president of the Greek Court of Auditors. “Accepting this assignment is a constitutional obligation and at the same time my civic duty,” the lawyer, who will now form the technical government, told the president.

New Democracy is expected to win an absolute majority in the June elections

Leader of the Greek Communist Party Dimitris Cucumbers he also announced that there will be new ones elections held on the 25 in June.

According to the Greek electoral system, New Democracy is expected to have an absolute majority if they win 40 percent or even less of the vote again. The winner of a repeat vote after an unsuccessful first election receives up to 50 additional seats for winning with more than 25 percent of the support vote. The number of seats depends on how many other parties make it into parliament.

Source: Rtvslo

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