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Public Finance: INDAP Allocates Over $364 Billion to Support Farmer Family Farming



A public report from the Institute found that resources benefited more than 171,000 farm households across the country, where women, youth and indigenous peoples were central to the intervention. Similarly, INDAP’s National Director underscored investment resources in irrigation with an unprecedented execution of $32 billion.

over shipping $364 billion Equivalent to – $455 million – Support for investment, financing, professional technical consulting, etc. 171,500+ smallholder farmers which is one of the points raised in the Agricultural Development Institute public account 2022 (Indap), announced by National Director Santiago Rojas.

Added to the institutional budget were: $11.6 billion from local governments and other public services . Resources to finance irrigation projects, train, and implement new support programs and instruments for agricultural development. Farmers and Indigenous Family Farming .

During his presentation, Santiago Rojas emphasized institutional commitments in the framework of scenarios that affect the climate crisis, post-pandemic emergencies, war between Ukraine and Russia, and the production processes of small-scale farms in different ways. bottom. He also allows food supply chains to continue and ensures food sovereignty.

INDAP’s national director emphasized in his presentation that the institutional effort is “to promote more inclusive, sustainable and resilient farmer and indigenous family farming.” It acts as a guarantor of sovereignty over food and nutrition security. “

“To achieve this, we will work on four strategic pillars: Reducing our environmental impact and producing more and better. Transforming the field together and together Inclusive participation in markets, and family farming is also ready to adapt and cope with social and climate change,” Rojas added.

indap public account

In his presentation, INDAP’s National Director emphasized other priority foci of institutional efforts: irrigation, rural women and youth, indigenous peoples, marketing, as well as transition programs for sustainable agriculture, sustainable agriculture. He emphasized two new institutional instruments: facilitation and enhancement. Cultivation of traditional crops.

She also emphasized the resumption of face-to-face activities at various regional tables of rural women. Nearly 100 tables work at the regional level to serve your needs from a regional perspective. . By 2022, young people who have accessed Indap’s devices or programs will reach 7% of all users (12,356).

In the opinion of INDAP’s National Director, institutional efforts neither begin nor end with this particular administration. Forest fires that devastated some 426,000 hectares in the central and southern regions of our country only exacerbate this gap,” he explained.

farmer family farming
Agricultural Development Institute

Marketing and integration of a network of farmers markets

in another area, Indap stressed that the effort for 2022 is commercialization : Agricultural producers need to diversify the markets they access and sell more and better at fair prices.

To reach this goal, 84 ExpoMundoRurals and various spaces were installed, enabling 1,840 farmers to sell their produce directly. Chile support plan being pushed by the government as a post-pandemic economic recovery measure.

Support for farmer family farming
Agricultural Development Institute

Irrigation and water efficiency

Given the seriousness of the situation, The climate crisis and the necessary adaptation to this scenario we face the challenge of improving water safety and efficiency across the land.

In 2022, Indap has committed more than $32 billion in funding, allowing more than 11,000 smallholder farmers access to irrigation. These resources have enabled him to finance more than 4,500 irrigation and drainage works, securing water for over 17,000 arable hectares.

implementation of New Legal Water Bond (BLA) promote the registration and normalization of water rights.

Source: Biobiochile

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