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Chilean parliamentarians stage bitter confrontation at Latin American forum on immigration



“It’s not that Venezuelan immigrants want to go to other countries to resent your existence, but rather it is the result of this criminal and brutal blockade,” condemned Venezuelan Congressman Julio Chavez.

Chilean parliamentarians had a heated debate XXXVII Latin American Congress Ordinary Congress (Parlatino) held at Panama, In the midst of heated exchanges with representatives of Venezuela and Cuba, immigration crisis.

The United States is facing an unprecedented immigration crisis, with thousands of citizens from countries in the southern part of the continent making irregular crossings to the United States, supplying illegal immigrants from all over the world in the process. Let’s remember

The situation is reflected in the fact that more than 157,000 people have crossed the dangerous Darien Jungle, the border between Panama and Colombia and the gateway to Central America from the south, so far this year.

Most of these travelers come from Venezuela, Ecuador and Haiti. People fleeing hunger and violence and believing that America has an opportunity to turn things around.

Still not The migrant crisis is also occurring in the Southern Cone, especially on the border between Chile and Peru. With hundreds of Venezuelans stranded trying to return to their homeland.

The latter, according to the details, was precisely the point of contention in the heated debate that arose during the mutual accusations. Mercury.

The fire was first set Republican Deputy Rep. Christian Araya, He pointed to Venezuela’s “drug dictatorship” and the persecution that exists in Cuba.

“In the case of Venezuelans, if we do not explicitly mention the origins of the drug dictatorship, how are we going to deal with this great drama, this catastrophe that our Latin America, especially women and girls, is going through? or escape persecution.Or in Cuba, for decades they have been persecuted, suffering from hunger and misery.Things must be said by name, ”he said.

However, his remarks were not well received by the audience, especially by his Chilean colleagues. front player Maite Orsini, A person who made a hand gesture during Mr. Araya’s speech.

Later, as lawmakers took to the floor, they accused the Chilean right of confusing the immigration phenomenon with the security crisis our country was experiencing.

“It is also true that, as a nation, we were unprepared for the explosion of immigration. Unfortunately, however, the Chilean right seeks to cover the mere fact of immigration with a veil of danger. We are out of the way of security,” he denounced.

more intense conversations Venezuelan Congressman Julio Chavez, He blamed the international blockade for his compatriot’s departure and refuted “foolishness”.

“We are not going to take the time to answer the stupid and disqualifying things that have been said here. We want to tell you that our country, Venezuela, is a country that welcomes immigrants,” he said.

“It’s not that Venezuelan immigrants want to go to other countries to resent your existence, but rather it’s a result of that criminal and brutal blockade,” Chavez said.

then next is next Senator Evopoli, Felipe Casto, “Whether in Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua, this Parlatino, whose first principle is to defend democracy, without focusing on the lack of democracy that is the real cause of immigration, is to advocate diversity and arguing that dictatorships must be tolerated.”

“They will forgive me, but the dictatorships of the 1980s are unacceptable, just as unacceptable are the Ortega, Castro and Maduro dictatorships. You don’t have to tell others that you’re stupid for thinking differently,” he countered.

But instead of calming down Mr. Wilfredo Navarro, Member of Parliament from Nicaragua “Judge the democracy of another country only with respect to its people, not strangers,” he reaffirmed. Sometimes it is necessary to blame the Pike of Flanders for some affirmations that imply that they believe they are the owners of truth and can criticize other governments without seeing the long tail behind them. ”

“Today, two I believe are members of the Chilean parliament, one in the morning and one in the afternoon made disrespectful remarks to our fellow citizens in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua,” he said.

“I would like to ask the gentlemen of Chile, did you go to the Mapuche people, did you go to the people who died in the Pinera crackdown, and the students who are still imprisoned in Chile and the president? I want to ask if they went to hear about it, the left does not exclude them, if there is a democracy the Mapuche people should ask the captives if they think there is a democracy in Chile,” he criticized.

It should be noted that after discussion, they finally issued a public statement calling on the government of the region to attack the causes of immigration, especially irregular immigration.

“Governments in Latin America should analyze immigration problems affecting the entire region and formulate or strengthen public policies and actions to address the causes of immigration in order to improve living conditions and deter irregular immigration. There is a need,” they declare.

Source: Biobiochile

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