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Evo Morales Slams Boric: ‘Forget Allende Was Victim of CIA Interventionism’



After a meeting with Chile’s undersecretary of foreign affairs in Lima on Monday, Chile backed Peru’s acceptance of the Pacific Alliance interim chair from Mexico.

The former president of Bolivia began to criticize harshly. Evo Morales to the president of our country, Gabriel Bolick With support from the President of Chile, Dina Boluarte as president of Pacific Alliance.

Recall that last Monday, May 22, Peru expressed its gratitude to the Chilean government for the support given to Dina Voluarte in her inauguration. President pro tempore of this alliance.

Specifically, he was the Peruvian Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs. Ignacio Higueras Thanked Chile for the public support it has shown to Peru.

As a result of this, former union leaders began to criticize Bolić harshly, and the decision “An attempt against peace in Latin America.”

“I am very concerned about the government’s decision.” brother president Chile’s Gabriel Boric accused of supporting the illegal and unjust government of Dina Voluarte. This makes him a good candidate for the interim chair of the Pacific Alliance,” he began.

The foregoing, he explained through his book, was “just when the US military intervention in Peru was authorized.” twitter account.

“Chile’s brother president seems to have forgotten that Allende was a victim of CIA interventionism.” criticized the former president of Bolivia.

He went on to say that “the presence of U.S. forces in Peruvian territory amounts to Confederate Command’s intervention plan.”

the above, “It’s the plunder of the region’s natural resources, especially lithium, gold and freshwater.”

“The admission of these troops threatens the peace of Latin America.” Evo Morales ended up going against the decisions of the Boric government.

Source: Biobiochile

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