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In Peru, Telefónica accuses Entel and Claro of unfair competition



Peru’s Telefónica asserted that its competitors did not comply with the regulations. And despite the ban, they did sell mobile chips on the street.

Telefónica Peru condemned Entel, Claro, Vitel The state telecommunications regulator has initiated sanctions administrative proceedings against the companies due to unfair competition in the sale and contracting of mobile public services, the company and public bodies reported on Wednesday.

In a statement, Telefonica said it had taken regulatory steps to comply with regulations after the Deputy Director General of the Collegiate Technical Secretariat of the Private Telecommunications Investment Supervisory Authority (Osiptel) banned the sale of mobile chips.

“However, other operators (Entel, Claro, Vitel) chose to break the ban and continued to promote street sales will have a negative impact on mobile line sales and mobile market share,” the company said.

Faced with this situation, Telefónica submitted the following document to the Osipter Council: Unfair Competition Prosecution Three operators have been charged with failing to comply with regulations issued by government agencies related to chip touring and vendor identification requirements.

“Today, Osiptel’s governing body agreed with Movistar (trademark of Telefónica) to impose precautionary measures on mobile operators to curb the outbound sale of mobile chips and enforce compliance with the regulatory framework.” written on the same paper. information.

Osipter also issued a statement, stating that it had “initiated administrative sanctions proceedings against Claro, Entel and Vitel on suspicion of engaging in unfair competition practices in violation of the general provisions stipulated in Article 6 of the Decree”. rice field. Unfair Competition Prevention Law”.

Regarding the alleged violation, he explained that Osiptel’s deputy panel technical chief found that the accused company violated the general terms of the LRCD. Developing business strategies that violate business integrity.

“Practice that will be aimed” Distorting the competitive conditions of the mobile public services market for illicit gains. ”

One of the strategies is the development, implementation and use of mobile sales applications as a factor in facilitating illegal profit making. The mobile sales application is intended to facilitate touring and street sales of services prohibited by current regulations.

Under this premise, “sufficient security mechanisms are omitted, allowing distributors and vendors to fully address the sale and contracting of mobile services on public roads and to encourage their use.”

about, preventive measures equally ordered the three companies that mobile applications for selling and contracting mobile services “can only continue to be used through home delivery marketing channels duly registered by the same company’s representatives.” said channel.

Any application or mobile computer program that can be used to sell or subscribe to mobile public services will be ordered to be removed from the mobile operating system’s application stores and distribution or download platforms.

Source: Biobiochile

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