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Codelco President Confirms Ventanas Smelter Closure Start Date



Máximo Pacheco, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Codelco, announced May 31 as the last day to begin the shutdown of the state-owned Ventanas division in Puchuncavi, Valparaiso.

Máximo Pacheco, president of Codelco, made the first mention of the shutdown of the furnaces of the state-owned Ventanas smelter in the municipality of Puchuncavi, Valparaíso region.

It should be remembered that this marks the end of the procedural steps necessary for Codelco to be able to process the products of small and medium-sized mining companies of the State Mining Company (Enami) at other facilities.

In this sense, Codelco has confirmed that the first phase towards the final closure of the Ventanas smelter has been completed. Starting May 31st next year .

A few days ago, the National Geological and Mining Agency Sernajomin expressed its agreement with the technical file provided by Codelco Ventanas, which was the last step necessary to end the activity. 58 years later .

David Treblanca, president of the foundry’s intercompany union, noted the impact of the decision on labor: is expensive .

Meanwhile, Andrea Cruces, president of the Codelco Ventanas Trade Union No. 1, said there was a concentration of workers who had not taken advantage of the transition plan, which is considering being transferred to other sectors of the state-owned company. Continuing functions in electrolytic refinery .

The temporary closure is initially for two years and can be extended for an additional three years. In the meantime the engineering will be developed and the permits for the second phase will be processed. Final closure and dismantling of the smelter facility .

Source: Biobiochile

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