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30 Years Later: How Chile Exceeded Argentina in GDP Per Capita and Why Chile Sees Us as a “Model”



As detailed by the US news magazine Americas Quarterly, Chile continues to be seen as a paragon in the Argentinean economic field and is recognized as a “political success story” beyond Argentine ideology. ing.

Despite the unstable situation in Chile since 2019, “Latin America’s Macroeconomic and Social Oasis” She is still alive and is being watched with conspiratorial eyes by Argentina.

As detailed in the magazine American Quarterly, In the midst of Argentina’s deepest crisis, Chile is treated as a kind of “political toolbox”.

that side “It is possible to find examples of how Argentinian politics can solve its problems.” Emphasis on American media.

One of the most notable elements of this is Chile’s popularity in Argentina’s polarized politics.

As he elaborated, Chile is seen as “a set of public policies not only dictated by the far right or the center right”. -Considering the Hegemony of Neoliberalism in Japan- But also on the left side.

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From Argentina to Millay to Macri: Chile is an example

libertarian Javier Miley He is gaining momentum in Argentina’s presidential election, He’s probably Chile’s most obvious fan.

Mireille promises to bring it dollarized economic system for Argentina, In the hope that private money can keep domestic inflation under control.

Citing Chile as a model for the infrastructure sector, Mr. Millay called for abolishing state financing and adopting a model led by the private sector. “A la Cirena”.

in the case of together for change right-wing opposition bloc Mauricio Macri Chile is synonymous with two structural conditions that Argentina lacks.

The first is fiscal discipline, whoever is in the government.

When Gabriel Boric visited Buenos Aires last year and declared: “We must stop thinking that financial responsibility is a matter of rights.” Juntos Block applauded this comment.

Appointment of Mr. Boric Mario Marcel As finance minister, she was also seen as a symbol of bipartisan consensus.

Christina Kirchner also eyes Chile

Argentines left, Led by Kirchnerista, He also praised the progressive transformation that seems to be underway in Chile.

This follows protests in 2019, including the drafting of a new constitution and the 2021 Boric elections.

Despite the fact that the process has lost momentum following the victory of the Chilean right in the last election, the Argentine left still finds positive elements.

Member of Parliament of Buenos Aires ofelia fernandez One of the strictest Kirchneristas, he often praises the following example: Goodbye, mother-in-law, A subsidy program to help young Chilean couples rent their own homes.

This program was created by Pinera in 2013.

In a street speech in April, Christina Kirchner Congratulated Chile on its recent decision to nationalize lithium production.

In March, he mentioned Chile twice in a telephone conversation. “master class” at the University of Rio Negro.

He noted that Chile is one of the few countries that has run a budget surplus in recent years. He said it was proof that there was a deficit, It does not automatically plunge the country into crisis, as Argentina has repeatedly done.

“Chile is very narrow…with all due respect, narrow”, Said.

Source: Biobiochile

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