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Laboram: 52% of Chileans’ first job was different from field surveyed



Similarly, the biggest motivation for getting a first job is lack of money and gaining greater financial independence. Most people enter the world of work through the commercial sector, followed by administrative and financial sectors.

More than half of Chilean men and women (57%) For their first job, they landed in a different field than they were studying. According to one survey, this laboratory I was consulted by Pulse which also found that 52% of those surveyed did not study at the time of their first work experience.

On the other side is 48% started working at the same time as studying .

For these early work categories, the main percentages fall into the following categories: Commercial, Sales and Business Sector (19%) administration, accounting and finance (12%), production and manufacturing (7%).

“That people’s first jobs are in a different field than they’re studying is something we should be looking at in the right light. I have to think of it as a way to get to know, but it also creates opportunities to develop soft skills by contacting people from different disciplines, a profile of who my colleagues will become in the future.” rice field. Parso quotes Lab Director Diego Tara .

When it comes to youth job needs, an online job advertising platform identified it as the most repeated factor Need for cash (29%), followed by financial independence (19%), desire to study and work at the same time (17%) .

If the majority of Peruvian youth find their first jobs online while studying

The following people also participated in the survey: Youth from Panama, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador r.

In general, the figures also show that employment in fields other than those surveyed is widely represented globally: 63% for Panamanians, 72% for Argentines and 51% for Ecuadorians.

What stands out in this line is Young Peruvian experience. 57% said their first job was their second job If it matches what you study.

As for age, “Almost everyone was quite young. 49% of Argentines said this happened between the ages of 18 and 21.” , 48% in Ecuador and 40% in Peru,” said Laboramu.

And about the motivation for getting the first job, Argentines said it was mostly for money (26%), while in Panama it was to experience work and study at the same time (26%). .

Experience was the main motivation for Peruvians and Ecuadorians, at 29% and 28% respectively.

Source: Biobiochile

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