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‘Coyote’ throws 4-year-old boy off US border wall



Minors are thrown from a height of about 9 meters / Courtesy Telemundo

Minors are thrown from a height of about 9 meters / Courtesy Telemundo

U.S. Border Patrol agents recently released a video showing a group of alleged “coyotes” throwing two minors, including a 4-year-old boy, over a border wall for their disposal. Published. The federal government on the US side.

The incident occurred in the San Diego, Calif., area on May 15, but officials released images until Monday.

The video shows traffickers climbing to the top of the border wall at night and throwing two minors from it. While the first child appears to have fallen under optimal circumstances, the second, a 4-year-old boy, fell hard on his back and was left on the floor after the fall.

Surveillance cameras show the child being picked up from his apartment by border agents and then taken to another facility where he is given first aid.

“A 4-year-old boy was thrown over a border wall by unidentified individuals in San Diego on Monday after officials and first responders administered first aid to the boy and reported gunshots as they approached the boy,” CBP said. Secretary Raul Ortiz said.

Activists and immigration officials warn that coyotes often trick people into letting minors enter the United States, but how the coyotes carry out these procedures and how many times they’ve been killed. No details have been provided as to whether the

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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