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Sandra Torres and Edmond Murlett Lead Guatemala Electoral Preference



Sandra Torres is running for her third Guatemalan presidential election.

Sandra Torres is running for her third Guatemalan presidential election.

Former first lady and United National Hope (UNE) candidate Sandra Torres and former Conspiracy Party diplomat Edmond Mulett are the most likely to vote in Guatemala’s June 25 election, according to a survey. It says. CID Gallup announced Wednesday.

Sandra Torres received 23% support in a poll conducted May 10-20. Mr. Mulet got his 21% of the priority, closely followed by Mr. Zury Ríos, who is the Valor-Humanista Coalition. Rios is the daughter of former military dictator Efrain Rios Montt, who was accused of genocide against indigenous peoples during his 1982-1983 term.

So Muret and Rios are effectively tied, with either of them likely to contest a pass to Torres in the second round. The second round is scheduled for August 20th.

Edmund Mulett, Cabal Candidate.

Edmund Mulett, Cabal Candidate.

Torres is seeking a third Guatemalan presidential election. She was First Lady from 2008 to 2012 when her then-husband Alvaro Colom ruled the country.

The survey measured voting intentions in Guatemala after the disqualification of Carlos Pineda, the leading candidate in the polls, for president. Pineda’s candidacy was suspended after Amparo questioned the parliament elected by his party, Citizen Prosperity.

The poll interviewed 1,204 people and had a margin of error ≠2.8.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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