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Falabella Retail recycles over 17 tons of clothing, driving pioneering sustainability efforts



Circular economy projects, over 55,000 clothing renewal services, and collaborations with over 70 local artists are some of the results.

Over the past year, more than 250 million visitors have registered with Falabella retailers in Chile, Peru and Colombia. It’s part of the balance sheet. Sustainability Report 2022announced by the company, focuses on providing services that benefit the environment and the community.

To strengthen its value proposition, the company has incorporated customer purchasing solutions and process simplifications. Some examples are: “Scan to Pay” , customers can pay from their mobile phones without going through the cash register.implementation of RFID technology for inventory. Scheduling virtual and in-person services For decorations, boyfriends and buying advice, new express store among others.

Francisco Ilarazaval, Corporate General Manager of Falabella Retail, emphasized that innovation is “a strategic axis that enables us to connect with our customers.” Our goal is to communicate with people through various platforms and channels, enhance the complementarity of the physical and digital worlds, and provide unique and memorable experiences. “

Ilalazaval also addressed corporate actions to promote sustainability progress and environmental responsibility. “A number of activities will be implemented in 2022 that will allow us to advance environmental care and the socio-cultural development of the communities in which we are involved,” he said.

In this context, the General Manager highlighted four priority axes that are part of the company’s strategy. + Green, regional development, human resources, agile culture, business model innovation .

Sustainability progress

One of the initiatives implemented in 2022 is “Give your clothes a second life” This enabled the recycling of over 17.3 tons of clothing in Chile, Peru and Colombia, contributing to the circular economy. In turn, Taller F has completed more than 55,000 garment refurbishment and repair services, helping to extend their useful life.

Release of stamp + green a pioneering effort in this field – a system of evaluation and certification of environmental, economic and social performance in all Falabella stores – has allowed us to offer the tools developed by. Chile Green Building Council a unique service in the world that verifies the sustainability of retail industry operations.

Social Initiatives of Falabella Retail

of “Regional Development” the company “Do a school program” at which Supporting over 94,000 students in 105 schools Contribute to the comprehensive education of children and young people from Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Key to this process was the work of more than 3,000 Falabella collaborators who participated in the program and volunteered 16,000 of their working hours.

Under this pillar, we have continued to: “Chilean Murals” , is an initiative born to leave an artistic and legacy to schools and communities. In 2022, the intervention of an artist from a national educational institution produced six of his works of art, including a total of ten facades.

The report also included a pilot version “strong and great” In Chile, it is a social impact project supporting vulnerable women seeking entry into the labor market. Good results have allowed it to be implemented in Peru and Colombia in 2023.

internal “Local Talent” Partnerships with emerging artists and local artisans continued, with over 70 entrepreneurs developing 12 private label clothing and accessory collections.

“All these actions are part of a continuous improvement approach at Falabella Retail, which translates into the purpose of enhancing our contribution to environmental protection and the socio-cultural development of our community,” said Ilalazaval. .

Falabella Retail 2022 Sustainability Report is available here.

Source: Biobiochile

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