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‘Viggo Was Here, Bitch’: 4 Years in Prison for Target Who Occupied Pelosi’s Office in Capitol



Richard Burnett, the target for occupying Nancy Pelosi’s office during the United States Capitol raid, was sentenced to over four years in prison. “Biggo (his nickname) was here, Bitch,” was the message he left on the desk of the then Speaker of the House. When indicting him, prosecutors said he “wanted to further glorify January 6 and sell merchandise using that phrase to incite disrespect for the law.”

A US judge on Wednesday sentenced the man to more than four years in prison. Entered the office of then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi during the attack on the Capitol in January 2021.

Federal Judge Christopher Cooper today convicted Richard Burnett of eight counts, including: Obstruction of official duties, entry into restricted premises with weapons, and theft of government property.

Judge Cooper’s sentence is less than the seven-year sentence prosecutors have asked for.

In court documents describing the case, government lawyers said a photo of Barnett with her feet on Pelosi’s desk was “widely circulated” online and became one of the photos. bottom. “The best-known image of the day symbolized how the raiders ruled.”

The chief executive said the Arkansas man was trying to “monetize his popularity and criminal activity,” selling autographed photos and even copyrighting the phrase he left on Pelosi’s desk: affirmed. “Nancy, Bigo (her nickname) was here, bitch.”

“I wanted to sell products with phrases that would further glorify January 6 and sow the seeds of disrespect for the law.” The prosecutor denied.

Barnett was convicted by a federal jury in Washington of the facts related to the Capitol raid and later appealed the verdict.

The jury also found Pelosi guilty of stealing an envelope from her office and of disrupting order in the Capitol while carrying a “dangerous weapon.” “Hike ‘N Strike” hiking stick that can also be used as a stun weapon.

Since the Capitol attack, more than 950 people have been arrested for participating in the riots and 192 have been jailed for trials or plea bargains, according to Justice Department data.

That January 6, 2021, About 10,000 people, mostly Trump supporters, marched to the Capitol and about 800 stormed the building. 5 agents killed and approximately 140 wounded.

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