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Ukraine says Putin is ‘at the top’ of target list



Vladimir Putin, Russian President. /European Press

Vladimir Putin, Russian President. /European Press

Vadim Skivitsky, Deputy Director of the Intelligence Service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said yesterday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “at the top” of the target list.

“He knows we’re getting closer to him, but he’s probably afraid he’ll be killed by his people, too.”

“He’s starting to show up now. If he shows up, I don’t know if it’s really him,” Skivitsky speculated in an interview with German network Welt.

target list.

But Skivitsky denied that Ukraine was targeting Kremlin-linked propagandists or civilians. “Our priority is to eliminate those who order their subordinates to attack,” he said, adding that Wagner Group chief Evgeny Prigozhin was among them.

“Killing him would save many lives…according to international law, it is a legitimate target,” declared the second most important person in Ukrainian military intelligence.

He also stressed that everyone involved, from the warlords to the high command to the businessmen backing the Kremlin, must pay for the consequences.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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