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A Rwandan genocide suspect who had been on the run for 22 years was arrested



The Rwandan genocide is one of the worst crimes since World War II

Fulgenca Kayishema, a suspect in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda who had been on the run since 2001, was captured in South Africa.

Kayishema is suspected of having organized the 1994 massacre of around 2,000 Tutsis in the Nyange Catholic Church.

“Fulgence Kayishema has been a fugitive for over 20 years. His arrest means that justice will finally be served for the actions he has been accused of,” said the Chief Prosecutor of the Residual Mechanism (IRMCT), which succeeded the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Serge Brammertz.

The International Tribunal for Rwanda indicted Kayishema in 2001, charging him with genocide and crimes against humanity and other crimes committed in Kibuye Prefecture.

Brammertz explained that his arrest was the result of an investigation in several countries in Africa and elsewhere, carried out in close cooperation with South African authorities.

Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the horrific genocide that took place in 1994. In one hundred days, between 800,000 and one million members of the Tutsi ethnic group, as well as moderate Hutus, were brutally killed, which went down in history as the Rwandan genocide and one of the worst crimes after World War II. The Hutu majority killed up to 70 percent of all Tutsi during the frenzy.

Source: Rtvslo

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