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Ukrainian government confirms withdrawal of Wagner Group from Bakhmut suburb



On this day, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Maryar confirmed the withdrawal of the Wagner Group from the vicinity of Bakhmut. The foregoing happened after the same leader of the “Wagne faction” announced by telegram the transfer of positions to the Russian army.

The Ukrainian government has assured that: Troops of the Wagner Mercenary Group have been replaced To russian regular army Located on the outskirts of Bahmut City.

Above, after the leader of the Russian private military company announced the start of military operations, transfer of status army.

This was confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine. Hanna Maryalwho recognized the “Wagne faction” still exists inside this eastern city After months of intense fighting, Ukraine was devastated.

Earlier, the head of the Wagner Group said through a video posted on his Telegram channel: Evgeny Prigogine announced. Beginning of the withdrawal of troops from the city of Bakhmut and transfer their positions to the military russian army .

After nearly ten months of struggle, total catch of Bahmut, Prigogine announced that he would withdraw his army from today. After finishing the mission, go to the training camp in the rear area Mission .

Notwithstanding the above From Kiev they assure their own troops are still resisting in some areas of the city.

More than 15,000 victims of ‘Wagnerite’ in Bakhmut, Ukraine

“We moved position to the army, ammunition and further food distribution declared Wagner’s leader on Thursday.

Added “Before June 1st” we meet everyone we rest and get ready and then receive another mission .

The night before the start of withdrawal, Prigozhin admits to recruiting about 50,000 men in Russian prisons close to 10,000 people died In the battle for control of Bahamut.

According to Wagner’s superiors, his group as a whole The city lost over 15,000 soldiers is estimated by 50,000-70,000 casualties on the Ukrainian side.

As for him US estimated Russian losses at almost 100,000 in the Battle of Bahumut.

Source: Biobiochile

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