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After the attacks in Serbia: 11 people are still in hospital, one boy is likely to go to the USA for treatment



A new pro-government rally has been announced for Friday

Eleven people injured in two shooting attacks in Serbia in May, in which a total of 18 people were killed, are still being treated in hospital, said Mirsad Đerlek, the state secretary at the Ministry of Health. One boy will most likely go to the US.

The boy has severe injuries to his neck and spine, such as for RTS explained the state secretary, they are already preparing documentation for treatment in Chicago, and the state will cover all expenses.

All the wounded are according to the words Đerleka otherwise stable and out of mortal danger. The two patients in the worst condition are those who have had a kidney removed and will also undergo vascular surgery, followed by a patient with a chest injury who is still awaiting orthopedic surgery. A kidney was removed from a girl with two gunshot wounds. Her liver is damaged, her intestines were operated on, and more operations are planned.

Đerlek he said it would be a long time before all the patients recovered. In addition to rehabilitation, he said, they will also need psychosocial assistance.

“Such stressful events, which no one expected, have serious consequences on mental health – for parents, students, teachers. I am sure that we will ensure quality health care for everyone who has experienced this,” he also said.

In two shooting attacks in Serbia has a 13-year-old and a 20-year-old in at the beginning of May killed a total of 18 people. Vladislav Ribnikar is a 13-year-old student at his primary school in In Belgrade, he killed eight students and a security guard with his father’s gun, and wounded seven of them, one of whom later died. A day later, the 20-year-old z automatic weapons and a gun in near three villages A young man killed eight and wounded 14 people, mostly young people.

At the same time, today they are from the State Prosecutor’s Office in Smederev was informed that the police had arrested the uncle of the 20-year-old attacker from Kragujevac. He will be detained for 48 hours on suspicion of the criminal offense of illegal production, possession, carrying and trafficking of weapons and explosive substances.

Another Vučić rally on Friday. Are workers being forced to participate?

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is after the first mass opposition protest after two shooting attacks in In Serbia, he called on his followers to in In Belgrade, “to defend liberal, democratic values, they participate in the biggest rally in history of Serbia”. A new rally is announced for Friday. According to union representatives, they are forcing the workers in public companies and companies doing business with the state to attend the rally. Serbian media also report on mass organized free transportation to the rally from all over Serbia and neighboring countries.

Former employee of a public utility company Gradska cleanliness Bogoslav Bešović and President of the United Trade Unions of Serbia Sloga Željko Veselinović are for Serbian television N1 in on Wednesday warned of great pressure on workers to attend the rally. “There has never been such pressure on people before, not only in Serbia, but around the world,” assessed Veselinović.

According to him, the list of companies where employees are forced to participate in the rally is expanding. “We have more and more companies such as tax authorities, healthcare facilities and utility companies,” he said. He added that many people, especially those with full-time jobs, refused to attend the rally, so they started putting pressure on private companies that do business with the state.“Each privateer has to bring a certain number of people, and they also reached out to sports clubs and various associations,” Veselinovic said.

Source: Rtvslo

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