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Latino Movie Platform Riivi Closes Investment Round: Expands Service to Hispanic Countries and US



The purpose of this funding is to expand the platform to Mexico and Argentina in the short term, as well as to develop new operating channels to bring Latin-language productions closer to a wider audience from any smart TV or mobile device. .

first time Free Latin American Movie Platform , Levyachieved the goal he set out to Over $800,000 (nearly 645 billion pesos) of capital. This goal was achieved in collaboration with his 80+ investors from across the region. Expanding the platform into new Latin American markets In addition to opening up new distribution channels such as Mexico and Argentina.

The purpose of Riivi after arriving in these Hispanic countries was to: Continuing expansion into the United States This is an important market with great potential, with a diverse Latino audience eager for new entertainment propositions from the continent.

For existing plans for the platform, Cristobal Guell, CEO and Founder of Riivi “The success of this investment round will enable us to expand into new countries as well as develop new distribution and product channels, including compatibility with Apple TV and FAST channels (ad-free TV). will be,” he said.

Riivi Closes Investment Round

Actress Fernanda Urrejora was among the investors in the round. Matthias Rosenthal, General Manager of Premier Caesars Chile. Cristobal Sotomayor, producer of “Dad to the Rescue”. Film producer Sergio Gandhara and his CEO of NotCo, Matthias Musnik.

In this regard, Director Mushnik commented on the reason for the investment, saying, “I believe that this work, in other words, Latin films, has a special charm that cannot be captured in Hollywood.” I believe in the team behind the production. Additionally, they have entered into some very strong alliances that will undoubtedly extend their reach. “

Another thing to consider in the future is the option for users to purchase first-run movies on the platform. “It aims to provide the user with a complete and satisfying experience, offering the possibility of accessing premium his content that is not normally released to theaters, even if it is released for a period Limited,” he added the Riivi founder.

This campaign is currently in the overfunding process. This means that even though you’ve hit your total goal, people can continue to invest by: bloota Starting at $1,000,000 through Sunday, May 28th.

Source: Biobiochile

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