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The search for Madeline McCann ends in complete secrecy. She searched the area where the suspect was.



The German Public Prosecutor’s Office in Braunschweig supports the theory that Madeleine died at the hands of Christian Bruckner, a long-time criminal convicted of sexual abuse and pedophilia (some of which is also in Portugal).

In recent hours in the Algarve (southern Portugal), Portuguese police, German and British forces have carried out an operation aimed at finding new clues about the case. Madeleine McCann .

The investigation lasted three days, and the results of the expertise have not been made public.

Media was deployed to the Arade Reservoir. The Arade Reservoir is about 30 miles away from where the British girl disappeared 16 years ago and was frequented by the main German boy. Christian Bruckner It began its withdrawal from land on Thursday afternoon, according to images captured by a local channel.

The search lasted three days, one more day than expected, after officials decided to extend the search after Tuesday’s storm forced a halt to work.

Agencia EFE claimed that it had asked the Portuguese Judicial Police to confirm the details of the operation, but was unsuccessful.

It is not clear whether the operation had any serious consequences for the incident, and in principle no official contact from the police is expected.

Heavy equipment, dogs, georadars and drones were involved in the search, and items stored in bags were collected for analysis, local media reported. It will be tested in Germany.

Investigations in the last few hours focused on a very limited area on the shores of the reservoir where trees had been cleared to dig the ground.

Aladedam was a place frequented by Bruckner, who spent long periods in the area in his campervan.

German authorities have requested a search operation inside the reservoir, according to local media, after being tipped by an informant.

The area had already been raided by private investigators in 2008 without success, but forensic experts say that if evidence of the girl’s disappearance is eventually found, it will take more time to solve the case in recent years. agree that advances in technology are essential.

Madeleine was 3 years old when she disappeared. – May 3, 2007 – From the room where I slept with my brothers at the tourist complex in Praia da Luz.

After many years of research, The case escalated in 2020, with German Christian Brückner, who had been imprisoned in his own country on other charges, becoming the prime suspect.

The German prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig supports the theory that Madeleine died at the hands of Brückner, who has a long-standing criminal record for sexual abuse and pedophilia (some of which is also in Portugal).

Source: Biobiochile

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