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CNC Attacks Resale of Argentinian Products in Chile: Warning of Health Risks and Illegal Activities



The union explained that the resale of products coming into Chile from Argentina through “supermarket tourism” would harm the economy. Street vendors were taking advantage of the situation, claiming that buying these foods could also entail health risks.

The National Chamber of Commerce (CNC) said this Thursday, Resale of Argentinian products in Chile given that many of our compatriots carried out missions across the mountains, “Supermarket tourism”.

The president of the union, Jose Pacomio, commented that the above was hurting the economy. Street vendors are taking advantage of the situation, which could pose health risks, he said.

“Products imported into Chile are being sold unofficially on the streets,” he told T13 radio. In addition, there may be distributors who sell products under their own business, thereby “unfair competition”.

Mr Pacomio stressed that shopping on the street “does a great deal of damage to the economy, small businesses and formal commerce”.

and then from a health point of view he argued, “It’s also worrying because a lot of those products are getting there.” No follow up in that sense. ”

Finally, the CNC’s president told the aforementioned broadcaster that it would “monitor” the cities closest to the Argentinean border and work with the competent authorities (such as customs) “for some measures that might help deter them.” suggested that it should be worked on. The entry of goods that would later be sold on the street.

Source: Biobiochile

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