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According to the US, there are five countries in the region that will not cooperate in the fight against terrorism.



By law, the United States cannot export or provide defense services or goods to countries included in this list.

maintained by the United States Cuba for the third consecutive year, They are not fully cooperating against terrorism.

The list, which appears on the Federal Register and was signed by Secretary of State Anthony Brinken, includes the following Caribbean island nations: Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela.

Under U.S. law, the United States may not export or provide defense products or services to any country on this list.

Cuba is also included in the US list of countries supporting terrorism, and the government has indicated that it will rule out the possibility of withdrawing from the list. Despite holding talks with the Havana government about cooperating to combat terrorist activity.

Cuban president is Miguel Diaz-Canel criticized the decision of the executive branch. Joe Biden He criticized continuing to put the country on the list of sponsors of terrorism, and assured that it was a step taken to justify an “illegal blockade” of the island.

Including Cuba on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism in January 2021 was one of the last decisions taken by the Cuban government. donald trump (2017-2021) before leaving administration.

The US then justified this measure with some sanctions, alluding to: Members of the Colombian Guerrilla are present on the island Members of the National Liberation Army (ELN) travel to Havana to initiate peace talks with the Colombian government.

The island was delisted in 2015 during the approach phase promoted by the then US president. Barack Obama (2009-2017) And Trump also stopped by. Trump doubled sanctions on Havana during his tenure, stopping the “thaw.”

While the current administration has made some gestures toward Cuba, including lifting restrictions on remittances to Cuba, it is still far from close to President Obama.

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