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‘Gas at a fair price’: Government says plan ‘was not sustainable’, Enap says it changed business model



The government, referring to the “Gas at a Fair Price” pilot program, stressed that “Enap announced in December 2022 that it would change its business model to sell its LPG production at the wholesale level.”

Minister Giorgio Jackson (social development) and Diego Pardo (energy) mentioned the criticism the pilot project received “Fairly priced petrol” has incorporated Enap into this market.

Remember, the government knew that this program would cost the state $117,000 for every ball delivered over the past year.

Enap developed this initiative commissioned by the Department of Energy to benefit 40% of the most vulnerable households in San Fernando, Chiguayante and Quintero.

The plan aims to benefit 3,000 households from cadastral titles created and distributed by the Department of Energy, the Free Municipal Association, and the Association of Municipalities that Provide Gas at Fair Prices, based on the Department of Energy’s Social Register. I was there. development, society, family.

pilot plan

Along those lines, Mr. Pardo took office in September last year, at which point he made it clear that “the pilot program was already underway.”

“ENAP evaluated the plan in December and concluded that the final stages of the process would involve retail distribution and would not be a financially viable separate strengths initiative,” the secretary of state said. Stated.

In addition, “Based on this experience, Enap announces business model change in December 2022 Sell ​​LPG production at wholesale level. In fact, yesterday ENAP signed a series of agreements with the retailers of the Linares plant, demonstrating the effectiveness of this other phase. “

“The commercial phase of ‘Gas de Chile’ is built on ENAP’s competitive advantages in terms of cylinder manufacturing and filling, as well as the advantages that a private multi-brand distributor has to take charge of. All the last mira are harmonized in relation to the report of the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office (FNE) on this matter,” the minister said.

“Fairly priced petrol”

Mr. Jackson explained: nap, as a wholesaler, is what you are expected to maintain. The retail portion, on the other hand, was piloted but did not yield economically sustainable results. “

This is why a former representative said, “We plan to change our strategy to agreements with retailers in order to offer lower prices to end users without jeopardizing Enap’s financial sustainability.” is.

When asked about the impact of this on people, Jackson said, “As the Department of Social Development, we are concerned about whether we can address the problems that not only the most vulnerable people are going through, but also people at an early age. There is,” he pointed out. Already they are the elderly or people with disabilities.

Finally, when questioned about the subpoenas released by the UDI tribunal to both him and Mr Purdoh to discuss the House attendance and cost overruns of the plan, the Minister said: “These are the aspects we see from the energy portfolio, By the way, they changed their strategy in December, considering the strategy was not sustainable in the pilot and to preserve Enap’s comparative advantage as a wholesaler rather than a retailer. .”

Source: Biobiochile

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