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U.S. Guarantees There Must Be No Chances of Default, Government Continues Negotiations with Republicans



House Republicans want the government to agree to cut public spending and have criticized Democrat Joe Biden’s administration for failing to seek an early deal on the debt ceiling.

The White House reiterated this message on Thursday: Stopping payments ‘not under consideration’ despite no progress in negotiations to raise the debt ceiling between the US government and Republicans.

At a press conference, government spokesperson Carine Jean-Pierre said the teams argued: continue to negotiate Agreement has been reached on the budget, and negotiations have proven productive.

“Every congressional leader who met with the president said default was not on the table,” he said.

However, he emphasized that: The ‘only option’ to raise the debt ceiling is for Congress to reach a deal declined to answer reporters’ questions about whether the White House has a Plan B.

Jean-Pierre also sought to decouple budget negotiations between the government and Republicans from the debt deadlock, defending that the country’s Congress could resolve this last point “in five minutes.”

“They can draw up a bill in five minutes and be done with it,” the spokesperson said.

Unlike most countries, the United States can only borrow up to a limit set by Congress, the debt ceiling. a legislative agreement is required whenever a country needs to raise funds to pay off its debts.

The current debt ceiling of $31.4 trillion was reached in January, And the country could default as early as June 1 if Democrats and Republicans don’t reach a deal to raise rates soon.

House Republicans, led by leader Kevin McCarthy, they want the government to agree to cut public spending And they’re criticizing the Democrat Joe Biden administration for not seeking an agreement on a debt ceiling.

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