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Zelensky: Russia continues to terrorize us. Prigozhin: Wagner’s fighters leave Bahmut.



Russia and Belarus agree to deploy tactical nuclear weapons

Russian forces again carried out several drone strikes overnight, Kiev said. Russia continues to terrorize Ukraine with night attacks, announced Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Wagner’s units began to withdraw from Bahmut.

“From Bahmut we withdraw units. From this morning until June 1st, most of the units will be moved in camps on the outskirts. We surrendered our positions to the army,” it is in video call said the leader of the group Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin. As we reported, it is Prigozhin in announced on Saturday that they had taken Bahmut. It was the longest and bloodiest battle in war in Ukraine. Prigozhin said today that his fighters are ready to return in Bahmutif the Russian army fails to control the situation.

Zelensky: Ukrainian air defense systems destroyed 36 aircraft

Air defenses are over the Ukrainian capital during a three-hour air raid, the twelfth in this month, destroyed all drones, Ukrainian military commanders announced. Moscow “continues to terrorize Ukraine” and launched 36 drones at night, Zelensky announced on Telegram. “None of them achieved their goal,” he added, thanking the Ukrainian air defense.

Head of the Kyiv military administration Sergius Navel it is in wrote in a message on Telegram that Russia has again attacked Kiev from the air. He added that the attack was extensive. “The enemy continues to use attack tactics in multiple waves with gaps between groups of attack drones,” he wrote, adding that Ukrainian air defense systems had destroyed “all detected air targets that were moving towards Kiev”.

Russia carried out the attacks with Iranian drones Shahed. Alarms and warnings of air raids were also reported from the Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Chernivtsi, AFP reports.

Russia arrested a Ukrainian who allegedly planned attacks on nuclear power plants

Russian security service FSB announced today that they had arrested a Ukrainian who was allegedly planning attacks on nuclear power plants in Russia. The aim of these attacks is to cause serious economic damage to Russia, the statement said FSB Russian news agencies summarize. Russian authorities attributed the attacks to Ukrainian intelligence. “The sabotage group of the Ukrainian foreign intelligence service is in beginning in May tried to blow up about 30 power lines of nuclear power plants in Leningrad and Kalinin”, to stop nuclear reactors in power plants, he announced FSB. The goal was to cause “serious economic damage to Russia and damage its reputation”, they added, according to Russian press agencies.

Chinese envoy in to the EU on the subject of Ukraine

Political Director of the European External Action Service (EEAS) Enrique He has to is meanwhile in Brussels received the Chinese special envoy Li Worse. They mainly discussed the war in Ukraine and ways to promote a just and sustainable peace.

He has to it is in repeated to the Chinese envoy that Russia in fully responsible for the unjustified aggression against Ukraine, which represents a key challenge to global stability, security and prosperity.

He warned that Kyiv asserts the right to self-defense and that the EU is committed to long-term support for Ukraine. At the same time, he emphasized that any reasonable way to end the Russian invasion must be consistent with the UN Charter. He also welcomed the recent visits the Chinese envoy in several European countries, esp in Ukraine.

Li visited Ukraine on 16 in May in as part of a tour of Europe aimed at promoting China’s plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. China, a strategic ally of Russia, has not condemned the Russian invasion and is trying to present itself as a neutral mediator who could help end the conflict.

However, the EU expects that China will play along as a permanent member of the UN Security Council constructively role and used every opportunity to draw attention to the necessity of respecting the principles of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, announced EEAS– a.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, he will be a Chinese envoy in also visited Moscow on Friday, where he is expected to meet with the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and his deputies Michael Galuzinreports the French news agency AFP.

Source: Rtvslo

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