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General Accountability Office Finds Fraud in IFE Worker Payments, Orders More Than $3.5 Billion Back



An audit conducted by the Board of Audit revealed that Sense provided IFE work to people who did not meet some of the requirements from August 2021 to February 2022.

Through audits, The Republic Comptroller General found irregularities in the granting and disbursement of Workers’ Emergency Household Income (IFE). by the National Training and Employment Service (detection)specifically between August 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022.

The review revealed that Sens “granted permission to IFE work applicants who did not meet some of the requirements.”

As a result, the company ordered the full restoration of the mismanaged funds totaling $3,574,640,527.

The agency noted that the benefits were given to people employed by state employers. Recipients who did not meet the unemployment requirement. or who has rendered services to the State through a commission method.

According to Chile Atende’s page, IFE work is an incentive for workers to find formal employment and gives monthly allowances directly to the employment relationship (new employment contract) to be started.

Created during the administration of former President Sebastian Piñera, the benefits are paid directly to workers provided their total monthly compensation does not exceed three times their minimum monthly income (currently $1.23 million).

Auditor detects irregularities in IFE worker deliveries

“It has been decided that Sense will allow IFE work to applicants who do not meet some of the requirements. In particular, those employed by state employers, beneficiaries who did not meet severance pay requirements, fees Benefits given to beneficiaries who provided services to the state through the scheme were confirmed,” the auditor’s report said.

Accordingly, “the entity shall follow the procedures set forth in section 77 of the Act to order recourse for the improper payments of subsidies under investigation in the amounts of $435,905,117, $579,351,832, and $2,559,383,578, respectively. must be carried out.”

Comprehensive human resources service

The document also questions the contract made by the Department of Labor Service, then headed by Patricio Melero, with Manpower Servicios Integrales.

Here we pointed to direct contracting with this company, payment for services not contracted with the company, and lack of certification of staff experience.

It was even resolved that Sense would not apply a fine equivalent to Manpower Servisios Integrales for lack of monthly reports on IFE labor.

Finally, the Board of Audit ordered the production of administrative summaries to prove ultimate liability.

Source: Biobiochile

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