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AES Andes has approved the withdrawal of the Norgener thermoelectric power plant in Tokopira by December 2025



This would result in about 1 million tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere, equivalent to more than 400,000 vehicles on the country’s roads.

through press releases AES Andes was reported as approved. Early retirement of two new thermoelectric units at Tokopira Antofagasta region, total 276 MW.

Specifically, it deals with units. Norgener 1 and 2 operated on a coal basis, each with a capacity of 138 MW, which will now cease operations. December 31, 2025 .

There will be no release to the atmosphere. About 1 million tons of CO2 which According to the company, it is equivalent to the production volume of more than 400,000 automobiles. People from the streets of Chile. “

he Javier Dibb, AES Andes CEO acknowledged that the board’s decision “approves the company’s commitment to the decarbonization plan implemented by the country.”

Similarly, he said, “The efforts of our collaborators to make the replacement of our energy matrix a reality are reflected in their commitment to innovation and their trust in the company, which AES Andes launched Labor It has led to integration into the reconversion program,” he stressed. 2021”.

As for him Minister of Energy, Diego Pardo “This announcement is an opportunity to advance the conversion process of these thermal power plants, in line with our national commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, thereby adding renewable energy to our production base.” can be incorporated continuously,” he said.

According to him important facts In a document filed with the Financial Markets Commission (CMF), the company emphasized that “in accordance with the Green Tegra Transformation Strategy, AES Andes and its subsidiaries have so far committed to discontinue coal-fired power generation operations at their power facilities.” Ventanus, Angamos, Norgener From 2025, 1,693MW of installed capacity will be available. “

Finally, this operation means: Nearly US$200 million loss due to impairment of property, plant and equipment . As stated in the document, the non-recurring accounting adjustments will not impact the company’s cash flow.

The company is based in three South American countries

AES Andes is active in the following regions: Chile, Colombia, Argentina with a total capacity of 5,199MW across the region, along with many renewable energy projects under construction and development.

There are 3,427 MW installed nationwide, divided into: 2,129 MW thermoelectric, 771 MW hydro, 348 MW wind, 104 MW solar, 13 MW biomass .

To this will be added a 62 MW energy storage battery, a desalination plant, transmission lines and gas pipelines.

Source: Biobiochile

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