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ENAP explains about entry into the gas wholesale market with “no subsidies” and “responsible investment”



As a result of entering the wholesale market for liquefied gas distribution, the state oil company (Enap) has secured a “responsible and financially sustainable investment”.

just last wednesday, National Oil Company (ENAP) Announced entry into the liquefied gas wholesale market .

Amid criticism of the company for its lack of a distribution system, general manager Julio Friedman said: It ensured “responsible and financially sustainable investment”.

“We are currently in the business development stage, It was very different from the pilot plan It ended in December last year,” he said.

According to Friedman, the initiative is “self-sustaining and No impact on company assets It is a responsible and financially sustainable investment with a cost plus margin pricing policy. “

Goals of Enap’s Gas de Chile Initiative compete in the wholesale market Distribution of liquefied gas and Extend coverage to areas of Ohiggins, Maule, Biobio and La Araucania .

Enap offers cylinders ‘subsidized’

Enap aims to offer Gas de Chile cylinders to all distributors at competitive prices “subsidized”.

Enap acknowledged that “learnings” were obtained as a result of the pilot program. It was held in May and December last year. “Exactly as a result of this learning, Enap has been able to confirm what it expected to be the most efficient role it can develop in this market,” the company explained.

“Gas de Chile continues its commercial policy” objective and transparent In selling our own products,” Friedman said.

Currently, local distributors in the regions of Ohiggins, Maule, Biobio and La Araucania have already signed contracts with Enapp.

Source: Biobiochile

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