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Peruvian parliament approves final report recommending corruption charges against ex-President Castillo



Peru’s parliament on Thursday approved a report recommending that former president Pedro Castillo, who is imprisoned for attempting a self-coup in December 2022, be charged with corruption and organized crime.

The plenary session of the Peruvian parliament on Thursday approved a final report recommending charges against the former president. Pedro Castillo (2021-2022) Under the direction of the Ministry of Housing, he was indicted on charges of corruption and criminal organization in carrying out investment projects in several municipalities.

The final report of the Oversight Commission, endorsed by Fujimori MP Héctor Ventura, calls for constitutional charges against Castillo, former housing minister Guynel Alvarado, former First Lady Lilia Paredes and sister Enifer. After recommending it, it was approved by 59 votes. Mr. Paredes, officials, mayors and businessmen were involved.

A congressional investigation alleges that the corruption crimes were committed during the execution of an investment project in connection with the alleged activities of a criminal gang led by Castillo. As Congress pointed out on Twitter.

The crime was denounced in journalistic reports, with Lilia Paredes’ sister, Yennifer Paredes, seeking to provide sanitation work in rural areas funded by the Ministry of Housing and a local authority run by a friend’s company. has been witnessed. She also worked herself.

As a result of these facts, Castillo was due to face a political trial by Congress when he decided to announce a coup on 7 December and had to appear before the plenary to answer the charges against him. Closure of parliament and establishment of an emergency government.

The former president was arrested minutes after announcing his “self-coup” and held in Barbadillo prison on treason charges, while his wife and children traveled to Mexico, where he was granted asylum by the country’s president.

Just this Thursday, the public prosecutor’s office suggested that Lilia Paredes could be sentenced to a minimum of eight years in prison in ongoing proceedings for allegedly joining a criminal gang within the Peruvian government.

“This public ministry concludes, as a specific prognosis of punishment (prior knowledge of events): “If true, at the time of sentencing, he would be sentenced to eight years in prison or more,” prosecutor Jose Garcia said at a judicial hearing calling for preventive detention.

Prosecutors, in presenting their allegations of a simple disguise request for 28 months of preventive detention for Paredes and others, said the former first lady was her husband’s “coordinator of an alleged criminal network within the executive branch.” said that it is considered to be She served as chairman from July 2021 to December 2022, but was removed by parliament after an attempted coup.

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