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TV Pink cancels the reality show Zadruga. In the evening, a large gathering of Vučić’s followers.



On Saturday, the opposition will hold a new rally against violence

The owner of the pro-government TV Pink Željko Mitrović will cancel the reality show Zadruga within ten days at the latest, on the recommendation of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić. In the evening, a large rally of Vučić’s supporters will take place in Belgrade.

Reality shows make up almost a third of the programming on TV Pink, which it is one of the opposition’s reasons for requesting the withdrawal of the national frequency from this television. “On the recommendation of the Serbian president, President Aleksandar Vučić, I made the decision to in I am canceling the reality show Zadruga as soon as possible, no longer than ten days. I believe that the unity of Serbia and the assessment of the President of the Republic are more important than any kind of interest and my personal interest,” Mitrović announced in Thursday on Twitter.

The cooperative is the most famous reality show in Serbia, Pink TV has been broadcasting it since 2017. It is known for high prize money and fees, violent scenes and profanity, and controversial contestants, including they are were also former prisoners. Scenes of violence and profanity they are censored during the show during the day and unrestricted at night.

On TV Pink they are 39 percent of the program reality shows

The cancellation of reality programs and shows that promote violence was also one of the demands at the May protests in Belgrade, organized by the opposition. The protesters demand, among other things, the withdrawal of national frequencies from the pro-government commercial television stations Pink and Happy. These are also the two televisions on which the share of reality shows is the highest. On television Happy it is in in the first three months of this year, for example, it was 11 percent, and on Pink TV it was 39 percent, mainly because of the sixth season of Zadruga, according to a report by the Media Regulation Council (REM).

REM in Serbia controls the work of the electronic media, and one of the demands of the opposition is the replacement of all members of the council of this body. Protests with the slogan Serbia against violence in The Serbian capital has been subject to two shooting attacks every Friday in beginning of the month, in of which a 13-year-old and a 20-year-old killed a total of 18 people. They will be this week because of today’s pro-government rally in organization of Vučić’s Serbian Progressive Party, exceptionally in Saturday.

Vučić wants to show the “unity of Serbia”

Vučić called on his followers to in They attend Belgrade “of the greatest assembly in history of Serbia”, which they are they called it Serbia hope. Several thousand buses will bring participants from all over Serbia to the rally, some of them are expected to be paid, some, mainly employees in public institutions and companies, forced to do so. They also come from Republika Srpska, Montenegro, and there is a group from Kosovo in Belgrade came on foot, reported RTV Slovenija correspondent from Belgrade Boštjan Anžin.

Ruling politicians talk about attempts to destroy Serbia from inside and outside, while the opposition is politically abusing the tragedy with protests. Vučić says that tonight he will show the unity of Serbia, he announces new solutions, he will offer a dialogue with those who think differently, because his role will change on Monday. It is expected that this time he will indeed resign from the top of the Serbian Progressive Party with more than 750,000 members, and may also announce early elections. There will be no armed clashes, he says, and no occupation of buildings, Anžin added.

Ascension procession dedicated to victims of shooting attacks.  Photo: Reuters

Porphyry at the head of the procession

Last night, a traditional procession took place at the ascensionwhich they are dedicated it to the victims of mass shootings in beginning of May. Believers they are despite the downpours filled the central streets of Belgrade, the procession, which ended in front of the temple of Saint Sava, was led by the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Porphyriawho remembered the 18 who died in shooting attacks, as well as victims of family and other violence. “Even if we are different, we must not allow ourselves to abuse our common happiness and accuse each other, thus sowing new seeds of evil and misunderstandings,” urged the patriarch.

Source: Rtvslo

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