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‘What did I do wrong?’: 11-year-old boy shot dead by police after responding to 911 call in US



Adrianne Murray, an 11-year-old boy in Mississippi, was shot dead by a police officer who called 911. His mother would have asked him to contact the police on suspicion of domestic violence, but everything changed when a man in uniform arrived. The minor was rushed to hospital, but has already been discharged, according to his family.

An 11-year-old boy was shot dead by police. After calling 911 for suspected domestic violence in Mississippi, USA,

The boy’s mother, Nakara Marie, said officers from the Indinola Police Department visited her home last Saturday and shot her son Adrien in the chest.

the woman pointed CNN or Another child’s father came home ‘angry’ It was around 4am, so he asked an 11-year-old boy to call the police.

After witnessing the procedure, Marie assured me that I was in uniform. “He drew a gun on the porch and asked the people inside the house to come out.”

As Adelien turned a corner in the hallway to leave the house, police officer Greg Capers shot him dead for reasons under investigation.

“When he got out of the corner, they shot him. It was the same police officer who told him to get out of the house. (Aderien) did it, and they shot him.” mother insisted.

“Why did you shoot me? What did I do wrong?” the minor would have kept asking himself when he realized he was injured.

The shooting occurred within “a minute or two” after police asked those inside the house to leave, the woman said.

Two other children, including Marie’s daughter and two-year-old nephew, were also at home at the time of the incident.

Products in this episode, Minor was intubated and connected to a ventilator Initialization University of Mississippi Medical CenterHe suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and a lacerated liver.

However, Nakara Marie reported that her son was discharged from the hospital last Wednesday.

Police suspect child injured in shooting

Carlos Moore, Marie’s family attorney, told CNN. The incident was captured by a police officer’s body camera.

Nonetheless, he said a request to obtain these recordings was denied due to an “ongoing investigation.” No video of the incident has been released so far.

he Indianola Police Department It confirmed the name of the officer involved in the shooting was Greg Capers. He did not provide further details about the shooting.

CNN attempted to contact Capers, but received no response.

In a statement released over the weekend, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) said: “We are currently assessing this serious incident and gathering evidence.” We will announce the results of the investigation once it is completed.

Mother of 11-year-old boy “No one came to the hospital”

Marie said the father of another child involved in the incident was arrested during the day on Saturday. But finally he says: They released him because he did not file a police report against him.

“When will I have time to do that? I was in the hospital with my son.” he said:

Four days after the shooting, the mother of the injured minor told CNN: “No one came to the hospital from the police station.” To know your child’s health status.

She was also upset to learn that Capers was still an employee of the Indinola Police Department.

“We believe the city and its agents should be held accountable to Aidelien Murray for the damage they have caused.” said a family lawyer.

Keep in mind that Indianola is a small city in Mississippi. Most of the population is African American . Similarly, 31% of residents are below the poverty line.

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