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As of May, only one pension multi-fund has been funded and all other funds have recorded losses.



In parallel, 2023 so far (January to May) has seen negative results for all funds.

As of May 2023 (with assigned values ​​as of the 24th) All multi-funds except A have posted losses.

riskiest fund a and b to register variations of 0.09% and -0.32% Each, background C, Moderate risk, resulting in decline -0.46%.

The most conservative fund is D and E, they suffer a loss -0.79% and -1.03% Each is detailed in a bulletin from the Ciedess consulting firm.

The U.S. banking crisis, global inflation, the fear of a global recession, and Political uncertainty at the national level (10% exit, reforms, new constitution) “are the main factors impacting the performance of pension multi-funds in May 2023,” the consultant said.


Seedes explained that the monthly results of Funds A and B were primarily affected. Fluctuations in the price of variable profit products “At the external level, mixed results are observed in the main international indices, but at the local level, an increase in ipsa was recorded.”

Internationally, markets continue to be affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, tensions between the US and China, possible changes in Fed interest rates, and fears of a global recession.

At the local level, “Results of the Constitutional Advisor and the Invocation of the Constitution” Countercyclical Capital Requirements by Central Banks”.

Meanwhile, Seedes said the performance of the most conservative funds, C, D and E, was affected. Investment track record in local government bonds performance of foreign bonds.

Bad results so far in 2023

Ciedess reports so far in 2023 -January to May- Negative results are seen for all multi-funds.

riskiest fund a and b the register drops -4.88% and -3.93% Each, Background C present a variation of -3.23% .

Finally, the most conservative funds are D and E to show the loss of -2.98% and -2.77% each.

Source: Biobiochile

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