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‘Secret Keys’ and Beyond: Revealing New Thing Car Thieves Are Applying



Criminals continue to “modernize” their car-stealing techniques, for example by applying “secret keys”. And on the street, if the car cannot be stolen, mirrors, bumpers, logos and other spare parts are stolen.

he vehicle theft Regardless of year, model or brand, it remains one of the country’s most concerning crimes.

Steps can be taken to avoid becoming victims, and police have been successful in thwarting gangs and individuals intent on doing so. Thieves’ tactics continue to evolve.

Techniques “private key” Theft of vehicles (finished goods or parts) from the road is the most common.

Next, I will explain how they are configured.

“private key”

This method is one of the most complicated to predict. Seller’s meticulous disguise and reveal the ultimate danger of interpersonal transactions.

In a dialogue with Mr. Carabinello, bio bio chili confirmed that the “private key” technique consists of: That is, a person posts on the Internet (usually through his social network) that his car is for sale. Another user interested in the vehicle contacted you asking for more information.

The seller offers to go to the interested party’s address and show the car in order to provide “good service”.

And if that sale takes place, the seller (the criminal) knows perfectly where to park the vehicle afterwards.

And this is where the “private key” comes into play. Usually he comes with two copies of the keys in the car. But the criminal who sold it would have a third copy Knowing the victim’s address allows him to steal the car without much inconvenience, so he later steals the same car he commercialized.

That is, he keeps the money from the sale and “recovers” the property.

Recommendations to avoid such situations are to buy vehicles in licensed locations (automobiles) whenever possible, or to be suspicious of the “at-home customer service” a seller can offer (person-to-person business). ), choose a neutral distributor. , If you want to know which model you want to buy, please go to a public safe place.

Cars parked on the street, nice white

Figures provided to BioBioChile by Carabineros show that as of May 2023, violent vehicle theft (gate slamming, confinement) is down 5.6% compared to January-May last year.

However, this does not mean that the stage will be rosy, Because today, criminals primarily target cars parked on the street, regardless of year, model or make.

Carabineros commented that more and more users are leaving their cars on the street because there is no parking at their homes or buildings. Or to avoid paid stuff when going somewhere.

And criminals steal parts that will later be sold (logos, mirrors, bumpers, etc.) if they can’t get the car off the road.

Over 54,200 vehicles were stolen in 2022, of which 26,774 were recovered.

stolen car wash

In parallel, the Internal Revenue Service (SII) recently revealed that it was able to detect risky practices related to car sales. Using the tax system to “wash” stolen cars is a mistake.

One of the discoveries was that “there was a vehicle that was sold as a new car”. However, the invoice used for registration was from a company founded under a fancy name. ”

Their fancy names are, in some cases, They are very similar to well-known car companies in this field. However, there was no representative of the brand regarding the sale of the new car, as it “observed that it was created through the virtual platform Empresa en un Día”.

Similarly, taxpayers who were selling new cars “They did not register any economic activity related to this commercialization.”

Finally, a taxpayer was detected who had no assets registered in the SII system, but was listed as selling a few vehicles.

Source: Biobiochile

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