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Grandma dies in Australia nursing home, electrocuted by police



The woman is believed to have woken up early in the morning and was seen holding a knife by nursing home staff. After calling the police, one of the investigators gave the woman an electric shock, causing various injuries, and she died.

There was a death in a chaotic altercation 95 year old granny occurred in Australia with this, the woman was discharged. electric shock from a police officer in the nursing home where he lived .

The incident is believed to have occurred in a senior housing unit. brisbane where Claire Nowland The 33-year-old police officer who made the release was also present.

As detailed CNNthe accident would have happened after several agents had arrived at the nursing home At approximately 4:15 a.m., after receiving a report that a resident was carrying a knife while traveling in a support cart. .

At that moment, an agent whose identity is not revealed, I downloaded the electric shock teaser for grandma because she approached me with a knife in her hand . The woman hit her head several times after falling to the ground. the serious injuries that left her in critical condition ultimately caused her death .

According to New South Wales Police regulations, stun guns can only be used on the elderly or disabled, depending on where the woman resides. “special circumstances” .

As a result, the agent has been charged with various crimes, including: ‘Serious injuries due to recklessness and violence’ and points out the aforementioned medium.

This was added to the fact that there was no possibility for the woman to defend herself, or even attack him. Family friend turned out to be Andrew Thaler that woman “He was frail and could not stand without help. He weighed only 43 kilograms, was 1.58 meters tall and had dementia. .

The incident is currently under investigation and it is revealed that the officers were in possession of a body camera that recorded the incident, although the images have not been released.

Source: Biobiochile

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