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Minister Toha Highlights Appointment of Ambassador to Venezuela: She Will Facilitate Deportation



Toha assured that the appointment of a new ambassador in Venezuela would help “develop processes for both deportation and those seeking repatriation.”

of Minister of the Interior Carolina Toha, thanked for the appointment of Former Senator Jaime Gasmuri As First ambassador to Venezuela since 2018. Ensure that the process of deportation and repatriation of Venezuelans is expedited.

Remember, in the last five years, including the second Sebastian Pinera administration, there has been only one acting ambassador to the Caribbean country.

In this regard, President Toja recognized the “tensions” that existed with the Nicolás Maduro government and affected diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“As a result of various tensions in this relationship, at some point the decision was made not to appoint an ambassador.” “Diplomatic relations have always been maintained, but no ambassador has been appointed,” he insisted.

In this sense, Minister Toha declared, “Certainly, it is important for our country today to have it.”

“We have a lot of relevant work to do and it depends on reaching some agreement and understanding with Venezuela,” he said.

the latter, “To have complete and reliable information about people entering and staying in our country, and second, to be able to carry out procedures for both deportation and those seeking repatriation,” he said. Stated.

“During this time, all these lines have been functioning without an ambassador, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assessed that they would be more effective and achieve more with an ambassador,” he said. claimed.

“We believe this is a very important step for our ministry in matters related to our portfolio,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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