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Eva Kaila was released from house arrest. Her lawyer announces her return to parliament.



The main suspect in the Katargate affair

Former European Parliament Vice-President Eva Kaila, who is involved in the Qatari corruption scandal, was allowed by Belgian prosecutors to remove the electronic tracking device on her ankle and was also released from house arrest.

44-year-old Kaili, who became the face of the corruption scandal, was transferred from prison to house arrest in April as the last of the four suspects in the Katargate corruption scandal, which rocked the European Parliament. “The investigation no longer requires her detention. Her release is subject to the usual conditions in such cases,” the Belgian prosecutor’s office wrote, according to Politico.

When asked about the new conditions imposed on Kaili and whether she can travel abroad, a representative of the prosecution said that she could not explain the details.

The Greek woman was removed from the position of vice-president of the European Parliament after she was arrested at the end of 2022 on corruption charges. She was also expelled from her political group Socialists and Democrats. He denies all the allegations.

Return to Parliament

Her lawyer Mihalis Dimitrakopoulos announced that Kaili plans to return to the European Parliament next week after being released from house arrest and awaiting trial.

“Next week, Eva Kaili will be present in the European Parliament, where she will perform her duties,” Dimitrakopoulos told Greek Skai TV. She will also ask the parliament to find out whether her rights as a member of the European Parliament were violated during the surveillance, arrest and detention, he added.

Eva Kaili is the main suspect in the Qatargate corruption scandal, which has been rocking the European Parliament since last December. At that time, the police carried out more than 20 raids, mostly in Belgium, but also some in Italy and Greece. They seized 1.5 million euros in cash, computers and mobile phones.

The suspects allegedly received large sums of money from Qatar and Morocco to influence political statements and decisions in parliament in favor of both countries. The prosecution accuses them of corruption, money laundering and membership in a criminal group. Both Qatar and Morocco deny wrongdoing.

In addition to Kaila, a parliamentary assistant and her partner are involved in the Katargate affair Francesco Giorgiformer MEP Antonio PanzeriMEP from Italy Andrea Cozzolinohead of the NGO No Peace Without Justice, Niccolo Figo-Talamanca and a Belgian MEP Marc Tarabellawhich was already noticed in the European Parliament on Wednesday.

Kaila’s lawyer Dimitrakopoulos also said that it was Panzeri “chief executive” operation and that Eva Kaila’s fingerprints were not found on the money seized by the police. “She believes she will be acquitted if the case even goes to court,” he added.

Source: Rtvslo

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