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Kissinger, Pinochet meeting in Chile revealed in declassified documents: ‘We want to help him’



As international media detailed today, the U.S. National Security Archive has released a selection of declassified documents revealing the ‘dark side’ of the powerful former U.S. Secretary of State who met secretly with dictator Augusto Pinochet. bottom.

Former United States Secretary of State, Henry Alfred Kissinger This coming Saturday marks the 100th anniversary of his birth, and in commemoration of that birth, national security archives The US GWU has released declassified documents revealing hidden data about the mission. Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, In it, the meeting with the Chilean dictator is described in detail, Augusto Pinochet.

Continuing the above, one of these details was the role Kissinger played in US strategy. To support the overthrow of Salvador Allende.

There is also talk of US support in the same way Consolidates Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship in 1973.

In recording a private meeting in Santiago in 1976, the American told Pinochet: “We want to help you, not hurt you.”

Kissinger and Pinochet Conference

“We sympathize with what they are trying to do here.” Kissinger said on behalf of the Nixon administration: “He did a great deal for the West in overthrowing Allende.”

After this he added his personal vision: “My assessment is that you are the victim of every left-wing group in the world, and your greatest sin is overthrowing the communist-turning government.”

As detailed in the newspaper country is The meeting in Santiago was held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. American state organization (OAS) in Santiago.

Kissinger, Pinochet meeting in Chile revealed in declassified documents:
U.S. National Archives

During the conversation, Kissinger argued to the dictator: “it was very helpful” If you announce the measures you are adopting in the field of human rights.

Pinochet responded with a sense of victimhood. “This country is going back to institutionalization step by step. But we are constantly under attack from the Christian Democrats. Like the Orlando Letrier, they have a strong voice in Washington. “

In September of the same year, Mr. Leterrier was assassinated in Washington in a car bomb and assault. It took years for US officials to admit that Pinochet ordered his death.

“I would like to see our relationship and friendship improve. I encouraged the OAS to hold a General Assembly in Santiago. ” admitted Kissinger.

Chile, Kissinger’s Achilles Heel

At a meeting in Chile, Kissinger recommended that the dictator make an announcement on human rights. for political gain.

Examples of this include securing constitutional guarantees, disclosing the number of Chilean prisoners, and affirming human rights. habeas corpus (This makes it possible to bring detainees before a judge).

Furthermore, he advised these to be communicated as a political action package. “Better psychological impact”.

Homeland Security analyst Peter Kornbleu concludes: “Chile is Kissinger’s Achilles heel.”

“On the 100th anniversary of Kissinger’s birth, everyone talks about his exploits. Its legacy is the transcription of these recordings, true testament to the darker side of his influence on the world. These documents are my It reminds us, they’re like a fly on the office wall listening to the words,” he told the already quoted media outlet.

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