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WWII Unexploded Ordnance Causes Mass Evacuations in Poland



The Polish military detailed that it was a German SC-250 bomb dropped from an aircraft during World War II.

a Unexploded Ordnance of World War II It was found in the city of Wroclaw during the day on Friday. Poland.

Following the dangerous discovery, local authorities decided to ‘massively evacuate’ the surrounding area. 2,500 people.

local media They detailed that the explosive weighed 250 kilograms and was found near a railroad in the southwestern part of the country.

According to reports from the Polish military, it specifically German aerial bomb SC-250 from war.

As a result, residents were evacuated by buses arranged by local authorities, and train services were suspended until the bombs were removed.

A few minutes later, various groups of experts arrived in the region and were working on disabling devices in the region.

Residents within a half-kilometer radius of the bomb were evacuated, said Capt. Marek Gwoju, spokesman for the Chemical Corps and Engineering Training Center.

According to Polish media, the area was about 80 hectares.

Source: Biobiochile

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