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CMPC’s Program for Local Suppliers Trains 100 SMEs in 7 Regions of the Country



To promote regional development in the region, the Local Supplier Development Program was created, an initiative that enables businesses of all sizes to grow and integrate through training and tutoring.

In total, the second version of this effort delivered the following training: 100 small and medium-sized enterprises They work in different regions and serve the company in the Metropolitan, Maule, Euble, Biobio, La Araucania, Los Rios and Los Lagos regions.

One participant in the program is Alex Vergara from Serfover de Angol, a company focused on the rental of transportation equipment and heavy equipment.

“In 2019 we applied for transport and freight to CMPC, where we started with two all-new transport equipment and one crane, but later updated the equipment and already had more equipment. If you have a job, you can achieve things like this, ”said Vergara.

in relation to Local supplier development program , Alex commented that this initiative inspired him to think about new challenges. “This program was important because it gave me a facet that I didn’t have in the courses that I learned so much from. I always dreamed of having my own company. , I’m a small business and I work for a big company,” he said.

CMPC Local Supplier Development Program

CMPC Local Supplier Development Program

in the company CMPCin Los Angeles, a ceremony was held to convey accreditation and certification recognizing the participation of companies in the program, consisting of five stages, Technoserve Chile Foundation .

CMPC General Manager Francisco Luis Tagle highlighted the case of enabling training for local companies. “There are 100 of his new suppliers who are small and medium-sized entrepreneurs trained to build shared value in long-term relationships. We want to continue building the future with all of them in the development of our community. We hope.”

The ability to take on and withstand the setbacks of starting a venture is something most people who start companies have, as Victor Contreras, a member of the corporate team at Rios y Flores, confirms. It is a common base. Rajah.

“Our company was founded in 2017 and since then we have followed the typical way of looking for customers, but in 2021 we are certified to serve CMPC. We are working with the Rajah factory and focus on developing the market in the timber sector.We have grown with great efforts,” said Contreras.

In addition, Víctor added that after the program, “We were able to achieve the development of the accounting area by adding accounting software to our internal business area. This was the goal we proposed in the project.” .

As in the first version, A training program covering a range of subjects including topics such as new business, finance, accounting, operations, sales, security, marketing and sustainability, among others.

Source: Biobiochile

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