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Cernac finds after-sales service to be the main drawback of Chilean e-commerce



In a preview of the new edition of Cyber ​​Day, Sernak reported the results of a new study highlighting several aspects such as the difficulty of canceling contracts and breaches of exercising legal guarantees for online products and services. In addition, several names were given to the companies making the most claims within the institution.

of all stages e-commerce users pass through (Pre-Sale, Sale, Post-Sale ), The latter is what causes the most problems in selling products and services online. .

This is the conclusion of a study conducted by the National Consumer Service (Sernac). “User Journey in eCommerce” where is he 65% of billing They pointed to post-purchase or post-contract complications for services.

This publication considers e-commerce related claims entered into the Agency between March 22, 2022 and February 1, 2023.

It also includes complaints against official companies related to “cyber events” organized by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) and other companies that have created their own “cybers”.

Major complaint is breach of contract terms or warranty

Of the total claims received by Sernac, 65% were concentrated in the post-sale stage. Major Complaints Regarding Issues Concerning Termination of Contracts and Unilateral Terms The contract was arranged by the company itself.

it also counts not exercise any legal warranty rights; in case of defective goods, and Delivery of items other than purchased items .

Overall, then Delivery of purchased goods (19.4%) The second most frequent complaints from consumers, especially delivery delay .

Finally, the pre-purchase and during-purchase stages rank third with 15.9%, Paying (8.6%), searching for products (3.8%), and checking inventory status (2.6%) are troublesome .

Retailers, supermarkets and airlines top the list with the most claims before Sernak

Along with detailing the reasons for consumer complaints, Sernac also detailed which companies had the most complaints before the entity, without counting the number of transactions.

In this sense, the list starts with ““Falabella.com-Linio” accounted for 27.9% of the total, followed by “Lider.cl” at 12.8% and “Latin America Airlines” at 12%. .

Additionally, the entity added: Framework for the next cyber day It will run from Monday, May 29th to Wednesday, May 31st at midnight and supervise participating companies.

“Recently, after the pro-consumer law and e-commerce regulations came into effect, rights regulations in e-commerce have been significantly strengthened, so businesses are required to strictly comply with the requirements set forth therein,” they believe. ing. Otherwise, you will have to answer in Sernac or in court,” emphasized Andrés Herrera, Sernac’s national director.

Source: Biobiochile

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