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Former Guatemalan anti-corruption prosecutor arrested on abuse charges



Stuardo Campos, former director of the Guatemalan Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, appears before a Guatemalan court.Provided by: United Station

Stuardo Campos, former director of the Guatemalan Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, appears before a Guatemalan court.Provided by: United Station

Former head of Guatemala’s anti-corruption prosecutor Stuardo Campos on Friday accused the new judiciary of being arrested on “false” charges of “abuse of power and misconduct”. confirmed by the authorities.

Local television footage showed the former official being transferred to the judiciary with his hands in shackles, where he was accused of “abuse of power and misconduct” in front of cameras while walking escorted by officials. said that

He added that this was “a false accusation filed by the (right-wing) Anti-Terrorism Foundation (FCT), which has systematically devoted itself to persecuting judicial officials.”

The US described the FCT as “an NGO known to target human rights defenders and anti-corruption activists.”

The prosecutor’s office confirmed Campos’ arrest to AFP without elaborating on the charges.

“At the moment the only information I have on the matter is that National Civil Police personnel have arrested him, but I am still waiting for them to provide me with further information.” said a public ministry spokesperson (parliamentarian, member of parliament). Public Prosecutor’s Office), Moises Ortiz.

On Friday afternoon, Campos was transferred to a court tower in the Guatemalan capital, where he told Emisolas Unidas that his detention was “a false charge filed by the Anti-Terrorism Foundation”. That in itself leads to persecution of the operators of justice. “

Campos, now the chief prosecutor of the Immigration and Smuggling Enforcement Service, told the agency: I know I have committed no crime and I am here with my head up and face the process. At the discretion of the court that requested my appearance. “

He also accused his home of being under surveillance by staff members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for several days.

Campos becomes the latest judicial officer to be arrested under the administration of US-sanctioned Attorney General Consuelo Porras in a series of arrests that have provoked criticism from the international community.

Last year, Virgina Rapala, head of the Quetzaltenango (Ossett) Special Prosecutor’s Office for Immunity (FECI), was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison.

Additionally, among those persecuted is FECI Director Juan Francisco Sandoval, who was sacked in 2021 after investigating President Alejandro Giammattei on corruption charges.

Mr. Sandoval defected to the United States, which sees him as an “anti-corruption advocate.”

All defendants worked with the International Commission Against Guatemalan Impunity (Cicig), a UN agency that destroyed national corruption networks from 2007 to 2019.

Mr. Campos served as head of the public prosecutor’s office in charge of the corruption prosecution until 2021, when he was dismissed by Mr. Porras to the smuggling prosecutor’s office.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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