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5 key points Marcel will try to persuade the CPC into a new fiscal deal



At noon this Tuesday, the Finance Minister said: Mario Marcel Meeting with the Coalition of Production and Commerce (CPC), “Financial Pacts for Development”.

“We have had extensive meetings with the heads of the Communist Party of China and its various branches. It was a very meaningful meeting. ” Permissions added.

Therefore, the Ministry of Finance explained the definition of “Ministry of Finance” by dividing it into five points. new tax treaty.

“We have shown that this fiscal deal goes beyond tax reform. Not only does it contain the destination of resources that can be recovered, But it also contains certain fundamental principles that characterize our tax system,” the official said.

of first place, This “not only defines the effects of this reform, but also applies to other amendments discussed in the future.”

As Second place, As Marcel explained, they would identify themselves Spending needs and priorities About tax reform.

“of third place, Identify which areas apply States can improve their performance, In terms of resource management, such as financial management,” the minister added.

of 4th Marcel commented that the focus would be on amendments made to the tax reform project discussed on the floor.

and, 5th place Analysis of the impact and increase in tax collection “And that brings together all the different elements that make up a financial pact.”

“Finally, add follow-up and evacuation mechanisms for fiscal agreements,” Mario Marcel finished on all important points.

Welcome to the financial pact promoted by Mario Marcel

“I think it’s a very popular project. Besides that, what we are proposing is not negotiating. Rather, we are trying to identify the greatest points of agreement between the different parties,” officials said optimistically.

Considering the above factors Different blocks that exist in the economic, social, and political worlds.

“This is the plan that we will follow in future talks. We will have a second meeting with the Federation of Commerce. So they will send us their opinions on the financial deal,” he added.

“This deal has value in itself. Beyond the implications for the tax reform debate. This would take us to great strides in terms of reducing uncertainty over the country’s growth,” Marcel concluded.

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